Sunday, 13 January 2013

A good day for a walk

Yesterday was a good day for a walk, cold but dry, so we decided to start walking the Capital Ring. This is a 78 mile (126km) path that runs around London through the suburbs and part of it runs very close to where we live. The first section from Tooting Bec to Richmond was just over 11 miles and took us through Wimbledon Park, with its large lake. There was a lone Cormorant on the end of the jetty but he was too far away to get a clear photo.

We also crossed Wimbledon Common passing close by the windmill. We kept our eyes open for Wombles but didn't see any. We did see an amazing number of dogs, all exceedingly muddy. I'm pleased I left Scamp at home as he may have disappeared in all the mud. 

From Wimbledon Common we crossed the A3 to walk through Richmond Park. Richmond Park is the largest of the 8 Royal Parks in London covering an area of 2,500 acres. The park is a National Nature Reserve, London's largest Site of Special Scientific Interest and a European Special Area of Conservation. At the same time it is open to the public everyday and is used as a main traffic route because of the road that runs around the park just inside its perimeter. For those of us who live near it is a beautiful green area that is very well used. The Royal Ballet School is also located in Richmond Park

Looking across the park at Penns Pounds it is easy to forget you are in London. In the bottom photo near the waters edge there was also a large number of red deer. They were very difficult to spot as they blend into the bracken so well. As we walked down the hill towards Ham you became aware of civilisation again.

Once out of the park we walked into Richmond along the river. Well we were going to but the Thames was well over its banks and as we neared Richmond itself the riverside path was completely underwater.

A good day of walking and the first for the year. There are many more walks already planned. Scamp will accompany us on some but for walks over 7 to 8 miles I leave him at home as he is a small dog. Scamp and I have kept up our daily walks (except when raining heavily) and we are both much fitter than we were. 

This evening I took time out to make my quilt sandwich of my Dresden plate quilt but I didn't start the quilting. That is going to have to wait until later in the week as I have marking I must finish. However I did get some of my knitting done. Older daughter had asked if I would knit her a jumper and I started it at new year. By the end of yesterday evening the back and front were finished. I need to try and finish it this week

As for today, so far I have been marking but that batch is now all done and so I am awarding myself 1 hour of sewing before I need to start on my next major task for work. I hope you have had some time for sewing this weekend.


  1. What a shame you didn't see any Wombles! LOL

    That walk sounds very interesting.

    You're making great progress on your knitting, having the back and front done in just twelve days!

  2. Lyndsey - Your blog is loaded in for my Grow Your Blog party- I am looking forward to your special party post. I hope you make lotsof new friends for your lovely blog~