Wednesday 30 January 2013

A lovely January of finishes and NewFO's

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Those of you who follow my blog will know that I am taking part in A lovely Year of Finishes and for January I chose to finish my Dresden plate quilt. My aim was to have the top completely finished by the end of the month and to have started on the quilting would be the icing on the cake.

This was the quilt on the 25th as I was basting it. I had a few problems as every time I got it nice and flat Picasso jumped on it. I had started work on it sat on the floor but had to move to the table to prevent some of his playfulness and that meant I couldn't have the full quilt spread out.  I finally got it beautifully flat and was able to start the quilting.

I also posted this photo on the 25th showing my FMQ around the plate. It's a bit wonky in places but not a problem. Well since then I have moved on. It still isn't finished but I have done a second echo row around the block above and quilted around the individual blades. In addition I have completed several of the other blocks and started a cross hatch quilt on the sashing. My back is now aching but I can see the end of the project, in fact it may be tomorrow. In addition I've prepared my binding ready to attach hopefully on Saturday. I will show my completely finished photo once all binding is attached and I've made sure I've got all the loss ends out ( and my basting.)

I also finished my Christmas table runner that I started in December. 

In January I Started several NewFO's  and some of them were also finishes. First there was Scamps quilt. I'd meant to make this one before Christmas but in the end I started and finished it in January.

I even managed to quilt 'woof' all the way round the border. Scamp uses his basket a lot and likes to snuggle up in his quilt.

For the 'in your own words' blog hop I made my knitting bag. This has already been pressed into service holding the jumper I am knitting for my older daughter. That is also nearly a finish as I just have to finish sewing it up.

I started and finished a prem baby quilt. I had hoped to make 3 in total. I have the blocks cut out for the other 2 but need to stitch them.

So I'm feeling pleased with myself. I have managed to complete the objectives I set for the month for my Dresden quilt  and also complete the table runner. In addition I have started several NewFO's this month.

Why not visit Barbara at Cat Patches to see what everyone has started this month and Melissa at Sew Bitter Sweet Designs to check out how everyone got on with their January finish.


  1. You have had a very productive and lovely month :)
    I have a table runner almost identical to yours, the only difference is, yours is finished ;)

  2. I love your Dresden quilt, it turned out very pretty. My cats love to help me baste also!

  3. I am very impressed with you work for the month of January. You quilting is beautiful. Congratulations on so many finishes. I found you blog thru the NewFO Challenge. Kathleen

  4. I found your blog through the NewFO challenge. Your Dresden quilt is beautiful!

  5. You had a very productive month. The Dresden quilt is beautiful and the knitting bag is very cute.

  6. Wow! some great finishes this month! Well done!

  7. Wow! Your worked hard...well I think it was more fun that hard. Love your projects! Scamps blanket is cute. My Smudge has worn a hole in his from wiping his face on it. When I patched it yesterday I realized that he has actually worn out most of the blanket. Time to add him to my To Do List.

  8. Beautiful projects for the month. Just a gorgeous Dresden!

  9. Your sewing is beautiful. The photos make me want to get the sewing machine out.

    1. Thank you Una. You are currently set as a no reply blogger which could mean you miss out on give aways. You need to alter your settings.

  10. that is beautiful! I love all the details

  11. Very cute projects, Lyndsey!

  12. I have a problem trying to spread anything out to work on it myself. My "assistant" think he's supposed to test everything I lay down! Lovely projects!

  13. Wonderful creations,enjoy them all. Thanks for sharing!