Thursday, 10 January 2013

I'm seeing squares.

On Monday I went back to work and all my good intentions of doing at least 20 minutes to half an hour of sewing a day went out of the window. The week has really got away from me but this afternoon I made up for it. I thought I was going to lose the whole of today because I woke up with a headache but  a couple of doses of pain killers later it cleared leaving me time to get to my machine.

At the weekend I had cut the fabric for the quilt I wanted to make for Scamp, our dog. It was originally going to be his Christmas present but Picasso took over his basket so a change of plan was called for and instead Scamp got a new basket for Christmas.

Picasso loves the basket lined with his Christmas quilt. The quilt has proved very useful as it has saved my furniture from a lot of muddy paw prints. As soon as he gets indoors he likes to sit in the basket to dry off, warm up and groom himself.

Anyway back to the sewing. I had two FQ's that I wanted to use. The darker one has paw prints on it.

I also wanted to use this fabric for the borders.

The design is very simple. I kept it to squares and because I used the same width borders all round the finished quilt is also a square and the binding makes a third square. So I think that gives me a Square in a square which was the this weeks challenge for Project quilting. I quilted the centre part in the ditch and then decided to practise my FMQ on the border. Around the border I quilted woof repeatedly. By the final woof it was looking good and I had managed to keep the machine going at a constant speed which meant the stitches were more even. However not long after I had started I realised I had caught the backing in the quilting so out can Mr Rippy

Throughout my sewing time Scamp slept in his basket next to my chair.

I'm pleased with the finished quilt and Scamp is already using it. So after a wobbly start a good days sewing.

I regularly get asked if Scamp and Picasso get on. The answer is yes and here is a photo of them settling down for a nap on my husband. If he sits down to read they always rush to get the best place on his lap and on this occasion Scamp won. John ends up having to lie back to accommodate them both.

This week I received my prize of a lovely pack of 9 FQ's of RJR 'Farmer's Market' fruit collection from Sharon's give away in December. Unfortunately I haven't taken a photo but the fabric will appear in projects in the near future. If you haven't visited Sharon's blog why don't you pop over and see what she's up to by clicking here.

I'm linking this post with Project Quilting, Connie's Tuesday Linky party at Freemotion by the river and Richard's Link a finish Friday.

Now I've just got time to do some cutting out ready for my next sewing day. I hope you've had time for some sewing.


  1. What a sweet quilt Lyndsey and your husband looks very comfortable :) Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  2. Isn't it wonderful to quilt or read with a "friend"?

  3. haha! That last picture is what I look like every night! Aren't pets great? Nice quilt, and great dog fabric!

  4. That is cute with the pets I have a few cats and they often try to nudge each other out for the best petting. Thanks for linking up.

    Richard and Tanya Quilts
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