Monday, 25 March 2013

Catching up with BOW

Back in August of last year I started the block of the week run by Grandmother's Choice  called Votes for Women. I liked the idea of these blocks and the history that Barbara gives each week is fascinating. As my grandmother was a member of the W.S.P.U. here in the UK I thought this would be a good quilt to make for my older daughter who is also a staunch supporter of women's rights.

I started really well and managed to stay up to date until about November when I found myself a little short of time and one or two of the blocks proved a little tricky to make. These were the first six

I found this one very difficult and in the end it took three attempts to get it made. It's still not perfect so I may remake it in the future if I have time.

Later blocks included these two

When I looked at the block released on Saturday I realised that the BOW was already at week 30 and I had only completed 13 blocks. So today I set out to make at least four blocks.

Here are the four I managed to get done. I had to miss out one of the recent blocks as there was a template for it but neither of the printers would work, one needed more toner and the other would copy and scan but not print. I'll print the templates at work and make it during the week. 

Once I'd made these blocks I started cutting out the pieces for one of my new big projects. I haven't taken any photos so far but I will do that tomorrow. I also need to take photos of the lovely mug rugs I received on Saturday from my swap partner in Australia.

The weather here in the London has been very cold and snowy over the weekend so staying home and sewing was perfect. Going into work tomorrow to clear up some bits I didn't get finished and then Holiday until 4th April. Yippee. 

Don't forget the 'Stitch me up' hop continues tomorrow over at Sew we quilt. The schedule for Monday is;


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  1. Love your color choices and fabrics.... Cannot wait to see your finished quilt! Hope you have some warm weather soon... sending some from the desert to you!

  2. Love your colour scheme. My quilting teacher is also doing that BOM but I haven't seen any of her blocks yet. The weather here is 32°C+ (90°F+) so it's also good to stay inside and sew!

  3. Some of those blocks look really tricky, you've done a great job with them.