Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I'm in a 'swoon'

I had a lot of plans to do heaps of sewing this holiday which started yesterday - Monday. Well I made the decision to go into work yesterday to try and sort out a few things that I needed to get done. That didn't really work as I was asked it I could sort out a couple of problems and didn't get time to sort out my own things. Well I did manage to complete my travel expenses so that was good. So today was a good day to do some sewing except I had lots of errands to run. I did the grocery shopping Monday evening but I had to do some banking and get a new tyre for my car for starters. In the end my list of errands is only half complete and I still need to book a dental appointment and an eye test.

So this evening I sat down to try and get a few bits done. I managed to sew in the ends on a blanket I had finished, not a baby blanket to go to Linus but one to go to the Dogs home. The Guides are knitting blankets for the dogs and cats home as their community action project this year. It's going to be a great way to use up all my odds and ends of double knitting wool. (I have a huge bag full ). I also finished my bird cross stitch and I washed it. I'll post a photo when it is dry.

I remembered that I wanted to show you the mug rugs I received in the Quilting Gallery mug rug swap.  These were made for my by Anne Matthews in South Australia. Everyone involved in the swap received the patterns from The Patchsmith. Hop over and see the patterns that are available.

I was planning on getting the sewing machine out and stitching together my first block for the quilt I am making as an anniversary present for my friends who celebrate 25years of marriage in July. I had been seeing a lot of swoon blocks around the place and liked the quilts so decided to get the pattern. The pattern is from Thimble Blossoms and is clearly written and easy to follow. It makes up a quilt of 80" by 80" I'm not sure why I printed the pattern onto yellow paper.

On Sunday I cut out the pieces for one block. My friends favourite colours are red and purple so an interesting combination to work with. Each block has two colours as well as white.

The grey is silver grey and is a lot paler in person than on the photo. The pieces go together nicely and being such a large block there are no small fiddly pieces to deal with or lose. This was a relief after some of the blocks for the votes for women quilt. 

Tomorrow I am going to Bath to pick up Lucy for her Easter holiday. She has to finish writing her dissertation so she needs to bring quite a few books home, too many for her to carry on the train. So there will be very little or no sewing time tomorrow and then on Thursday we are heading out for a long walk provided the weather is suitable. The snow seems to have left but it is still very cold. Maybe the weekend will bring more free time as I need to finish the top of the Holiday quilt for my March finish in 'A lovely year of finishes'.

For now I need to check I've got the music I want to play in the car on my ipod. I feel in the mood for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, maybe some Traveling Wilburys not to mention Deep purple and Led Zepplin. I wonder if I'll get time to visit the quilt shop........

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Have a good day.



  1. Anxious to see more of the swoon quilt, like the colors and your choice of music.

  2. Swoon is a lovely block. I love the mug rugs; my favourite was the owls. Did I tell you I once collected owls because one of my Brownies gave me a pair of owls her dad made and I was so pleased to receive an I unexpected present I made a real fuss about it -- next thing I know people were buying me owls for every celebration! But they are cute (most of the time)!

  3. What sweet mug rugs you received! I really like the colors you are using in your block! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday