Sunday, 17 March 2013

Tea Cosies and Winter quilt.

Lucy, my youngest daughter, had asked me if I would make a tea cosy each for the two girls she lives with. Having agreed she followed my instruction for measuring the pots and I choose the fabric but at that point the project stalled. Although they are quick to make there never seemed to be a space to start and finish them at one go. So today was the day for getting them done. 

The two girls are very different. Verity is very much a girlie girl and loves anything pink. So the decision for the fabric for her cosy was easy. The lining is deep pink. You can just see it in the edging fabric. Cathy on the other hand isn't a great lover of pink but when Lucy and I saw the skull fabric we knew it would be perfect. The stripped edging is also the lining and works well with the skulls.

At the risk of having you all tell me that the only thing the Brits do is drink tea I thought I would show you my teapot collection. These all live on my dresser  the little one with the yellow flowers and the blue pot are both one cup pots and sit in their own cup. I use the yellow one when I am the only person at home. I saw the town house teapot while on holiday and just had to buy it.

The blue teapot below was part of our wedding present from my then boss. Max was Chinese and gave us a set of Chinese bowls, spoons cups and teapot. He was an amazing cook and I loved it when he invited us to dinner plus he taught me how to make Chinese food. I used to always cook our Chinese food but I have got lazy recently and we buy in from the take away. Must get back to making it myself as it's much tastier and cheaper.

My mother had a collection of tea pots and this little one was her favourite. Oops I should have dusted it first. It only holds one small cup of tea so spends it's time on the shelf.

As well as making tea cosies I have been working on my winter quilt. My aim this month for 'A lovely year of finishes was to piece the top together. I had already got the fabric for the sashing so it was just a case of cutting the sashing  before I could get on with sewing it up.

At the start of the month all the blocks were made and trimmed and now I have sewn all the rows together and the sashing to go between the rows is sewn. I now just have eight long seams to do, making sure I match them properly. This is a big quilt. The blocks are 8 inches square and there are 49 of them in seven rows of seven. The sashing is 2 inches wide and I want to add a border. I am working next week but then I'm on holiday so I should be able to get the top finished by the end of the month.

For now I'm making some small items. I have some skull fabric left over and a request for six small mug rugs. With nothing special happening this evening I should be able to get that done. I will also get Mr Random number to draw the winner of my give away from the Beat the winter blues blog hop and I will post that tomorrow.



  1. Those cozies and teapots are adorable :)

  2. Lovely collection of teapots.
    The costs are great,the girls are sure to love them.

  3. The tea cozies are lovely and I so enjoyed seeing your teapots. Hmm, think I'll go fix myself a cup of tea on this chilly afternoon.

  4. Love that winter quilt. Those fabrics are gorgeosu together.

  5. Cute! I rarely drink tea these days (I drink water during the day wand one mocktail in the evening) but I much prefer leaf tea to tea bags! We only have one tea pot though!

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  7. Your quilt is adorable, Lyndsey!! You used lovely fabrics . I love it:)
    My best,