Saturday 1 June 2013

Art and cake.

Last Sunday we visited the Lichtenstein retrospective at the Tate Modern in London. This was a huge exhibition of 125 pieces of his work. The art work was great but by the end I was exhausted.

This is the Tate Modern's banner for the exhibition. The exhibition covered his work from the early 1960's until his death. Many of the works on view were extremely well known but some, particularly those painted in the years before his death were new to me. The works had been drawn from galleries around the world and private collections

 Lichtenstein exhbition banner, Tate Modern

Some of the pieces seemed a little worse for wear but this was because of the materials he used. Being different and trying new approaches means you don't know how long things will last. The exhibition also included some of his sculptures and I had never seen any of these before. I was fascinated by his nude paintings and even more so when I read how he made them. Most artists would have a nude model to draw from life but he started with the comic strip pictures and drew how he thought they would look undressed.

As always with art it is about what you like and I like his work. I read some of the reviews in the press. The more up market press felt his work is over rated and should have stayed part of the pop art era whilst the rest thought it a great exhibition. The public visiting seemed to really enjoy it and left a lot of very positive feedback. I loved the exhibition and I'm really pleased we got to see it. As always we left it rather late, going on Sunday when it was finishing the following day.

Unfortunately for copyright reasons I'm not posting any art work but if you want to view his work there are lots of images available you just need to go to Google. Meanwhile I have the huge exhibition catalogue which contains photos of all the work on display. There is also a lot of reading in it but I think that will have to wait until I have more time.

So where did the cake come into this. Well I had decided to make a cake when I got home from the exhibition but it was so crowded and took such a long time to see it all that by the time we got home I was worn out. Therefore I put the cake on hold until today. Barbara from Cat Patches made this cake - Baileys Chocolate Chip Cheesecake  at the beginning of May and I have been meaning to try the recipe since then. I halved all the quantities since there are currently only three of us at home and the cake is for 12. I can report it is very good. Sorry no photos, only remembered after we had eaten quite a bit of it. To see the recipe and Barbara's cake click on Cat Patches earlier in this paragraph. You'll need to scroll down the page a little to find it.

So now I'm feeling very full and need to sit down and decide my goals for June. I have an urge to start a new large project!

I hope you've had a good Saturday.


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  1. Thanks for the review of the exhibition, his work is quite interesting, (I did a Google search) as you suggested. I'm sure that cheesecake Cat Patches posted is yummy. Still trying to decide if I can make it dairy free. Will look forward to seeing what your project is for June!