Monday 3 June 2013

Slow stitching Sunday and a little cutting

Yesterday was a lovely lazy day. It started late and the first activity was to take Scamp for a walk. He loves his walks and although he is a small dog would love to do a three or four mile walk every day. He also loves longer walks but I have to watch he doesn't over tire himself or stretch any ligaments or over use joints especially in his hips. Today we went to Wandsworth Common, one of two commons in walking distance from our house. The circuit from our house, round the common and back is about four and a half miles. As we were walking back we realised that Scamp was eager for more but both John and I were tired having not done much walking recently because of all the rain.

After a couple of small jobs the day was mine so I started by cutting some of my scraps into useful sized pieces. This was some of my fabric for child related projects. I have a pattern in mind but there is still lots of cutting involved. I love the pirate and the 'wild thing' fabric. Oh dear I must take some time out to give my cutting mat a little tender loving care.

I must admit to spending lots of time stroking my fabric stash and trying to reach a decision as to which new project to start. So many choices!

After dinner it was time to settled down to some hand stitching and this week I have been working on my Catitude cross stitch.  I managed to finish up the cat's tail and add the back stitching. I'm pleased with the way it is coming. The fabric is all creased as I had just removed it from the embroidery hoop. The tail is all stitched so the white parts are actually white cross stitches

I decided that I was going to alternate my stitching pieces so I am putting this one away until next week and it it's place I will work on my millennium cross stitch sampler. This was a Christmas present from my husband in 1999 and is my oldest UFO.

At least I have done over half of it. I'm hoping I really will finish it this year. I'm going to try and finish the section in the centre at the bottom, Discovery of the New World. There isn't much left to do on this except the back stitching so I should be able to start on the next square or do some more of the back stitching on the scrolls.

Alternating the pieces should mean that I continue to enjoy working on the pieces and so I will get them finished more quickly.

I'm linking this post with Slow Sunday Stitching over at  Kathy's Quilts.

I hope you had a chance to enjoy some stitching time today.



  1. Scamp looks like he was having a great time. I really like the idea of alternating hand projects that are large as I have difficulty with them holding my interest. Will tuck that idea away for future reference. Thanks!

  2. Great idea to alternate pieces. It should definitely keep you from every getting bored.

  3. Yes...variety helps to decrease boredom :)
    Thanks for linking up!

  4. You are not the only one who is still working on that Millennium Sampler :)

  5. enjoyed reading through your posts...

  6. All of your quilts are looking so gorgeous thanks for the sharing and just keep up the good work.

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