Sunday 30 June 2013

Normal service has now been resumed!

It seems ages since I was last able to post. At first it was due to vast quantities of work needing marking prior to the end of the University year. Then my computer decided to play up by stopping working. To make it even worse it was just before I was due to take part in the 'Stamp on it' blog hop. A couple of emails saw my day altered to tomorrow. Yesterday my son worked his magic on my computer and once again I'm up and running. It is so great to have my own computer support techie.

As it is now the end of June I need to consider how I've done on my June goals.

There is still no movement on my main goal, to complete the top of the swoon quilt. Although the blocks go together easily they are time consuming and I find I get confused if I have to put the work away before the block is finished. I think I will leave this until August when I will be on holiday.

I set out to make a Schnibbles quilt using the Dulcinea pattern from Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
Image of Dulcinea PDF ~ No. 404
This was one of my two NewFO projects for the month. I have finished the top and will quilt this during July I made a few alterations to the outer border as I was using up scraps and ran out of some of the fabric.

I love the pin wheels in this design, as you look at it your attention shifts from the big colourful  ones to the black and grey and finally the light ones. 

My second NewFO was also a small project. I wanted to make a tote bag using some retro 'flower power' fabric I found and fell in love with. 

The pattern was designed by Emma Corbett and Lisa Harper for Buttonberry. The two of them were based in Suffolk in the UK but unfortunately they gave up running Buttonberry a couple of years ago when they both had their first child.

So far I have the front and back made.

The appliqué has been done by hand. The back is just squares. The tote is going to be very quick to finish. I love the fact that with the NewFO challenge you don't have to finish it during the month just start a new project.

Another goal was to quilt my bird quilt. Sadly this hasn't moved at all.

Finally I wanted to work on my cross stitch. This I have been able to do and as I have alternated the two pieces both have moved forward. However I haven't done any cross stitch in the last week.

The Catitudes piece was started as a NewFO in May

I have progressed this far this month.

The millennium sampler has moved forward as well. Here's how it looked at the beginning of June.

I've finished the Santa Maria and almost finished two more squares.

Here's a close up of the area I've been working on.

St Paul's isn't quite finished and there's a lot of outline stitching to do on it.

I am linking this post up with Barbara at Cat Patches for her NewFO linky party and since I have a finish with  Richard's Link a Finish Friday

I hope you had time for some sewing in June. I'm going to plan my projects for July whilst trying to work out exactly where the first half of the year has gone.



  1. So many lovely and fun projects!

  2. Wow, you have lots of fun projects going on.

  3. I love that millenium sampler. You have lots of cute stuff going on. Beautiful fabrics in your pinwheels.

  4. The pinwheels look great, and the birds are so cute! Good luck with your WIP's, visiting from Link a Finish Friday :o)

  5. Love your Dulcinea quilt. Your fabric choices really work well with the three pinwheel effect. You have an impressive June list! thank heavens we only have to start something and not finish it! I think we are all good at that!

  6. I love the colors in your pinwheels, so beautiful and bright! The bird quilt is wonderful, I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  7. Your Dulcinea really looks cute. I love how you eyes keep moving around. I really like some of the patterns from Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. I'm currently working on her Toulouse pattern. I saw a picture of it, but never could find the pattern. So I just jumped in and figured it out. I really like your cross stitch. I haven't worked on any of mine for about a year now. That's when I started quilting and I'm really hooked!

  8. I reallly like your Dulcinea! The colors are brilliant!

  9. That is the cutest little Schnibbles quilt!! I still love your bird quilt even if you haven't made any progress on it!