Sunday, 8 September 2013

4 more 'Votes for Women' blocks

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of sewing but with so much ironing, housework and work for work to do it is a slow process.

One of my goals for this month is to catch up with the blocks for the 'Votes for Women' BOW which run over the last year at Grandmother's Choice. I'm making this quilt for older daughter and she would like it as soon as possible but as always other projects kept on getting in the way. Today I set out to make 4 pieced blocks. It still leaves several to do but some of them involve templates and a couple are appliqué.

Picasso has spent the day going in and out as the weather is warm but showery. He hates it when he can't stay out and is a nightmare to have around when he is in this mood. He has been poking his head under the arm of the sewing machine, trying to catch the needle and he knocked the pin tin on the floor twice. He was also determined to get in the photo.

Here they are minus the fur baby. I'm happy with three of them but the fourth drove me mad. I unpicked it twice and I'm still not happy. I can't get the one semi circle to match up with its neighbour. I'm not sorting it out now although I will unpick it and sew it again before I'm ready to put the quilt top together.

Unfortunately the colours in the pictures isn't true as the pieces look blue but in fact are violet.

If you want to see some pictures of Bern from our trip to Kandersteg click here to visit our Guide blog.

Now I must put the sewing machine and computer away and get back to some ironing.



  1. Great blocks Lyndsey and how funny that your cat was being such a pest!

  2. What a beautiful blocks! I love your cat!
    Love from Amsterdam