Sunday, 29 September 2013

Baby quilts, jam and a little sew stitching.

This last week was a little trying with my older daughter and my son being ill and having more work to do than I could fit into the time available. It was even worse at 4 0-clock this morning when I woke up with really bad ear ache. The ear drum perforated a couple of hours later so the pain has gone but I can't hear very well at present. Still here I am on Sunday evening and I have managed to achieve quite a lot.

On Tuesday I had to take Picasso to the vet for his yearly check up and injections. The vet confirmed that he is a very healthy cat. Taking Picasso to the vet is always a problem. I try to book the first appointment of the day so that I can take him before he starts to demand to go out. We keep him in at night but he does like to get outside as early as possible. He also doesn't like the cat basket and holds on to the door with all four paws. He wasn't at all impressed to have his photo taken whilst in the basket.

This week I've been working on the baby quilt I'm making. I managed to get the top finished but couldn't go on and get the quilting done as I need to buy backing fabric. This will now have to wait until later in the week.

I'm very pleased with how the top has made up. When going through the guide and Brownie cupboard on Wednesday I also found a box at the back which had some almost finished tops for prem baby quilts. These were started by girls who have since moved away from the area and so no longer come to our meetings. I finished adding the borders and gave them a good iron as they had been all scrunched up for a while. I need to add the fleece backing and then they can go to their new homes.

Earlier this week I made some plum jam. One of our work colleagues has a plum tree in his garden and he bought us several pounds of plums. It didn't take very long to make two large kilner jars of jam plus some in my smaller jar.

It was very tasty when I tried it on toast this morning.

I've also been working on some hand stitching. I finished my first block from the 'It's a Dog's Life' quilt so I copied the next block onto fabri solvy (so much easier than drawing it out) and started work on it today. The dogs are just so cute. There isn't a great deal of work on this block so I'm hoping to make this and the next one during October. I had planned one block a month but I don't think it is going to take that long. This block has been folded in my sewing pouch and you can see the impression where my embroidery scissors have been pressed up against it.

Now I need to go and look at my September goals and see how well I got on. My machine was away being serviced for just over a week so I think I am a little behind. I also need to make my plans for October. Even if I don't achieve the goals it helps to keep me on track.

I'm linking this post with Kathy's Slow stitching Sunday at her blog Kathy's Quilts. Why not pop over and see what everyone has been doing. I hope you have had some time for sewing this weekend.



  1. I hope, that you feel better now!!!!

    oh! Picasso is very pretty, I love all cats!

    The baby quilt is going very well, the colors are beautiful!

    Have a nice week!


  2. Lyndsey, so sorry to hear about your ear (oh, I didn't mean that to be a joke, really, I'm sorry!). Glad it's better but sorry it had to perforate to be better!

  3. Hope you all are feeling better this week.
    Lots of relaxing hand stitching is exactly what the Dr. should order for your recovery!
    Such an adorable doggie block!
    Thanks for linking up!