Saturday 21 September 2013

Back from the repair shop

Thursday was a very happy day. When I got home from work there was a message on the answer phone saying my machine was ready for collection. Well within 5 minutes of listening to the message I was in the car and heading for the shop. The last week has been miserable as I haven't been able to get on with any of my major goals for the month plus sewing is my way of relaxing so I have been getting a little tetchy. I have been doing some hand stitching but I need a good light for that and stitching in the evening under the electric light is not ideal.

Last weekend I had cut out the blocks for my latest project, my NewFO for September. I normally cut as I go along but without the machine I cut out all the blocks. As I am going to be teaching a quilt class I decided to use blocks from Moda Cutting Table Size Matters blog hop. This had different blocks and gave the cutting requirements to make the blocks in different sizes. I wanted to put together 16 blocks ranging from very easy nine patch to blocks with lots of HST's . I was very organised putting the block pattern and fabric pieces into plastic wallets.  

My finished quilt is going to a young girl who likes elephants so I was pleased to find this elephant fabric. The picture below doesn't show the colours properly but once I've made all the blocks and added the sashing and borders I'll take it outside to take a better photo.

While my machine has been away for a service and repair I have had time to get on with some hand stitching. I wanted to finish the first block of the 'It's a dogs life' quilt by the end of the month. This is now finished and I'm about to start on the second block.

I tried Fabri-Solvy for the first time with this block. I printed the pattern onto the sheet following the instructions then finger pressed it onto the fabric. When I had finished the stitching I cut the sheet as close to my stitching as I could and then rinsed the piece in warm water. I did this several times using fresh water and then dried it on a towel. I am very pleased with the result. The Fabri-Solvy was very easy to use and so much easier and quicker than drawing out the design onto my fabric. I shall definitely be using it for the rest of this project and future projects.

Having had my 'fix' of sewing for the day I need to get on with some preparation for the class I'm teaching on Monday. I also need to find my watch. I had it on Tuesday but I'm not sure where I put it. At least I know it's in the house somewhere but exactly where is another of life's little mystery's. 

I hope the you are having a good weekend.


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  1. So glad to hear you have your machine back -- I hope it's working very smoothly now. Love your "elephant" quilt.