Saturday, 6 September 2014

September goals

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I haven't played along with ALYOF, Something Old Something New or with the NewFO challenge for a couple of months. Between the computer going wrong and the sewing machine playing up I didn't seem to get much done. Now  I've got all my work commitments up to Christmas planned out and organised so it's safe to set some goals again. 

My goal for ALYOF's is to get my star trek quilt top pieced together. I started this a while back having had difficulties finding the fabric. I could have ordered it from America but the shipping costs were high so I didn't want to do that. I eventually found it one day whilst out on a walk along the Thames. Whenever we go somewhere different I always check for quilt shops and this obsession certainly paid off. 

I need to check out the zippy bags I use to store my projects. I think all the fabric for the top is cut but I can't remember. I've got several different Star Trek fabrics in each block and the blocks finish at 24 inches. I've already made a couple and I remember that they went together really quickly but it will be slow until I get my head back into what I'm doing. 


I need to get this quilt completely finish before Christmas. The quilt is for Richard, my son. When I was packing away all the Christmas decorations last year Richard 'borrowed' the quilt I'd made, just to test it out on his bed. He has discovered the joy off a quilt and is holding the Christmas quilt to ransom. If I want to use it this year I need to finish the star trek quilt.

In August I started a new project which was a quilt for Hannah our young leader at Guides. She is going away to University later this month. She's been a member of my units since she was 5 and we will certainly miss having her at meeting. I tested a pattern of Amy's from Sew Incredibly Crazy and used it to make this quilt. All I have left to do is add the quilt label. The label is going to have a star on it like the quilt but Lucy and I can't decide on the words we are going to put on. We have another week to make our decision. I posted this quilt as one of my makes for the 'see you in September' hop but the colour didn't come out well so here is another photo.

The background is a pretty blue not grey as it appears in the hop photos. Unfortunately it is all crumpled as it had a pile of sewing bits on it. It also has a couple of Picasso's paw prints as it was raining hard the other day when I was finishing it off.  The quilt will be washed before it is gifted. The back is pieced and I found this lovely fabric with musical instruments. Hannah loves her music.

I have a second pattern I'm testing for Amy so that will be my NewFO for September. 

So just one goal and one NewFO this month. I want a calm relaxed life for a while. The Star Trek quilt will be my something old and the pattern test may be my something new for Lynne's challenge at Never too hot to stitch

For now the sewing has to go on hold as I seriously need to clean up after my sewing binge. There are bits of threads and fabric all over the floor in the dining room. Then the machine needs a good clean and telling how good it is before I start on the September goal. This evening we are out visiting the Matisse Cut Out exhibition at the Tate Modern. It finishes tomorrow so we almost missed it.

I'm linking up with Barbara at Cat Patches, Melissa at Sew Bitter Sweet Designs and Lynne at Never too hot to stitch

I hope you are having a good weekend with time for some sewing.



  1. Your son holding your Christmas quilt to it! The Star Trek one is coming together nicely though...:-)

  2. The way the blue looks in this photo reminds me of the colour of my Guide shirt!