Monday, 25 May 2015

A very happy weekend.

Here in the UK this weekend is another long weekend. I think May is my favourite month because there are two bank holidays which means two short working weeks.I haven't had much time for stitching recently since work has been very busy but this weekend is a free weekend so lots of stitching time.

First I had to do a little re-organising as I'd put all my projects away. So first thing Saturday morning I pulled things out and organised the work I wanted to do this weekend. First I pressed the 'Beware the attack dogs' stitchery.

This is the only stitching I've worked on over the last week. I still have 3 more blocks to stitch so I decided to scan all 3 patterns and print them onto Fabric solvy.

I decided to work on this pattern first. 

This evening whilst watching TV I started work on this piece.

On Saturday I spent quite a long time cutting up scraps. First I cut the fabric for the April churn dash blocks and then the blocks for May. I'm making these blocks for the Rainbow scrap challenge. April's colour was purple.

and the colour for May was green.

I'm taking part in the snowball and 9 patch quilt a long at Terry's treasures. I've made all the snowball blocks but only 10 of the 9 patch. I needed to cut up some of my scraps to be able to make any more. It's amazing how quickly scraps collect and how long it takes to cut them into 2and half inch squares. Tomorrow I'll get sewing on the blocks. I think I need 50  of them and hopefully I've got enough squares to make that many. If I haven't I'll just have to cut some more as I still have loads of scraps.

I was going to make a baby quilt this weekend as one of my colleagues has gone on maternity leave and she is coming back on Wednesday for a baby shower. I went and bought the fabric but I decided to put it to one side as I was told on Friday that she isn't going to take any of the presents home until after the baby is born. So I have a couple more weeks to work on that quilt. I'm planning on doing the cutting tomorrow .

Finally I got on with stitching the binding on the star trek quilt. This quilt is large and the hand stitching is taking ages. Fortunately the temperature cools off in the evening so sitting with it over my lap while I stitch is quite cosy.

I'm linking this with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Stitching Sunday. Go and see what folks have been working on.

I hope you've had a good weekend with some time for stitching.



  1. We had our long weekend last week. No more until August now.... Nice stitching projects! Cute dog blocks. Have a good week.

  2. Love these dog blocks! I totally forgot about using the sticky solvy for embroidery patterns. I have some here somewhere....