Monday, 4 May 2015

Review and move forward

April was supposed to be a good month for sewing but I took on extra work and so my goals for sewing didn't get done, not one of them. No use crying as that won't get the job done so  I'm going to set my goals for May and this time try to finish them.

My main goal is to finish the Star Trek quilt for Richard.

I have just got one of the blocks to quilt and the border. Here in the UK this has been a three day weekend as today was a bank holiday. When I last worked on this quilt I managed to make a tuck in the back so had some unpicking to do. i finished that on Saturday and so I was able to get on with the quilting. I had hoped to finish the quilting today but run out of time so now it will have to wait until next weekend.

I haven't started the baby quilt yet but there is another one I need to make for a work colleague. She is going on maternity leave in the next couple of weeks so this has to get done I have a pattern but need to buy some fabric. The pattern is by Michelle Engel Bencsko from Make it Sew Projects I'm excited about starting this project.

I also need to get on and quilt the turtle wall hanging. I set the quilt sandwich up last month but didn't want to start the quilting until I'd finished the 'Star Trek' quilt 

Although I haven't been quilting I have been working on my embroidery, in particular the dog redwork blocks. I'm almost finished with the next block and then there are only three more to do. Unfortunately I've found another pattern I want to make. If you read my blog regularly you will know I love Jane Austen and I found a Pride and Prejudice quilt by Nancy A. Bekofske while surfing various blogs.

Once I've caught up with my stitching this is next to be made. Hopefully I will finish the remaining three blocks on the 'Its a dog's life' quilt this month as I have several trips on the train and a weekend away from home.

I'm linking this post with A lovely Year of Finishes. Hopefully that will give me the push I need to get the Star Trek quilt finished.

I hope your weekend was good. The only down part of the long weekend here was the number of people we had ringing the doorbell to canvas for the election on Thursday. I normally stay up and watch the election results come in but I'm working on Friday so I may have to go to bed. I'm also not sure how exciting the results will be as they are still suggesting it will be a hung parliament.  


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