Thursday, 25 February 2016

Adding another block

This evening I decided I would have time to make block 3 of the splendid sampler and having looked at block 4 getting that one set up also seemed doable. Block 2 had quite a few small pieces which always slows the cutting out. This block is called wings. Here's my version.

I need to embroider the butterflys antennae. I altered the block slightly as I wanted to use a minimum of background colours so the butterflys would really stand out. I had a moment of quilt guilt as the block has been specifically designed for the sampler. Then I realised I always change patterns to suit what I want. We all do it right?  

So what about block 4. Well this one is an applique. I cut the background fabric and the template for the vase.

This is as far as I got because I couldn't decide which fabric I wanted to use . The block also has circles for the flowers and the stems are embroidered. Somewhere I have some really pretty button flowers so I may use these instead....but there again I may stick with fabric. Hmm just too many decisions for this time of night.

This is as far as I got with sewing. I decided to retire to bed with my book. I'll see if I can finish these blocks tomorrow evening.


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  1. I love seeing some of your decision making about your blocks. Your heart blocks are sweet and I'm sure these will be too when finished.