Monday, 22 February 2016

Colouring and things.

Last night I'd planned to get back to my slow stitching during the evening but as time went on I just felt tired and as I didn't want to make a mess of the stitching I decided to do a little colouring whilst watching TV. Kathryn (older daughter) gave me this adult colouring book as a present and although I'd enjoyed looking at it I hadn't done any colouring.

A while back I was given a fabulous set of colouring pencils. The pencils are watercolour pencils but can be used to just colour or used with water.

I spend a happy time colouring whilst watching TV. I had a great time, picking my colours and deciding how I wanted it to look. I still haven't finished the picture but I'm very pleased with how it looks. Meet Ellie the pretty elephant.

I shall be finishing this off probably tonight (if I can stay awake) I like this book because it gives you a detailed picture to colour but on the opposite page gives one with less detail and space for you to draw in your own design.

Opphs my shadow head got in the way of the photo again! I was going to show you some more pictures from the book but there are so many beautiful pictures I couldn't make a choice.

I've done very well for presents recently. Kathryn gave me a cute dog soft toy It has a basket of tea fastened around its neck and was made by a quilter in Hungry.

I've seen this pattern recently in the magazine that I used for the baby quilt. The pattern suggested making the quilt and making the dog to go with it. I've already gifted the quilt but I might make the dog. The quilt was made with 2 1/2 inch squares but I think the dog would look better made with smaller squares.

Today at work the students were teaching each other a skill. They are all healthcare workers but they were asked to demonstrate a skill that had no link to healthcare. One of them showed us how to create a small indoor garden without soil. He gave it to me as a present....mostly because he had a train journey home and it would have been difficult to carry.

It's pretty but I'm going to take some of the glass beads out as I think it would look better with less of them. The students enjoyed the session and it was fun finding out their different skills.

For now I must practice some of my skills and do a little stitchery. Tomorrow I need to get some marking done but tonight is my time.


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