Sunday, 6 March 2016

Catchup Saturday

Oh for more stitching time. This week, as many of the weeks so far this year, stitching has been off the agenda. I have a mountain of work I bought home with me that I need to get finished by Monday but I was adamant that I needed to chill out with a little sewing. The problem was what to do to feel I had achieved something. The answer was easy, this month's blocks for the rainbow scrap challenge. The colour this month is purple and I have a good selection of purple scraps. I cut my 2 1/2 squares and settled happily at my machine. I soon had my five blocks made.

I always find colour fascinating as within the colour there is such a wide spectrum of shades. My purples covered a wide range with some having a lot of blue in them whilst others were towards the red spectrum. It certainly makes the game of mixing and matching the fabrics fun.

It's time to work out my goal for the month and decide on my 'Let's book it' project. So far this year I've been rubbish at completing my goals. Anyway third time lucky, so here goes with this month's goal. My goal is to make a baby quilt for a colleague. I showed the pattern to her and she loved it.  I've had this pattern for a little while and so it is also perfect for this month's 'Let's book it' challenge.

The pattern was written by Connie Kresin Campbell in 2014. Connie blogs at Freemotion by the River. I went on the internet to find some fish fabric and I quickly found this lovely piece. The fish just look so happy.

Now I just need to get the rest of the fabric and I can get started on the sewing.

As well as this goal I will also carry on with the quilting on the 9 patch quilt for Lucy 

and try to finish the blocks for the other baby quilt I'm making.

9 patch again but they look different set on point.

I'm linking this post with Red Letter Quilts for the one monthly goal setting link up.

I'm hoping to get some hand stitching done tonight and  I'll try to make time to post tomorrow. I'm nearly at the end of my frantically busy work period and maybe soon I'll get time to work on my many projects. I hope you've enjoyed some sewing time recently.



  1. There's a lot of color in your post today. Love your nine patch blocks. Good for you for insisting on some sewing time.

  2. I love the fish pattern quilt! Sounds like you use quilting time to de-stress from work deadlines. Isn't quilting wonderful for whatever reason!