Wednesday 16 March 2016

Wednesday Progress

Over the weekend I got going on the baby quilt and reached the point of stitching down the fish. 

I had intended stitching down another four fish on Monday evening but I ended up leaving work late and we were going out to dinner. John came to London forty years ago on March 14th and wanted to mark the event. We all love living in London and love going out to dine so we were very happy to join him. We chose northern indian cuisine and it was fabulous. The restaurant doesn't sell alcohol but are very happy for you to take your own so we had a great red wine that worked well with the food.

Yesterday was John's birthday but the family weren't available and John had an evening meeting so we have yet to celebrate it. This was good as I had a migraine and wasn't in the mood for anything except an early night. 

Today is a day off and I'd been looking forward to getting some more sewing done but my head is still muzzy and I'd be sure to make mistakes so I decided it was safer to do some preparatory work instead. One of my goals for the year is to move the double wedding ring quilt forward. I should really say get it started as I've done so little of it. Anyway I wanted to try and get the arcs stitched. There are 98 of them in total and I think I've made 10 so i decided to cut the fabric pieces ready for this. 

I set up a system for storing the pieces using envelopes. I decided to cut 10 pieces at a time and put the 98 required in the right top corner and crossed it out to show I'd got 88 pieces left to cut. Later I'll check how many arcs I've already made and reduce the number appropriately. OK so I'm a little OCD but it helps to keep me organised.

I'm using solids for my arc and decided on the pastel shades for a change. I realise this is unusual as I always tend to use bright colours. I want this quilt for my bed and I think the pastel colours will be more soothing prior to sleep.

I'm going to start stitching these a little later. First I need to print out the arc template. I also need to prepare for Brownies and Guides this evening. I need to check what we are doing and pull all the bits we need or go shopping. Next week is our last meeting before Easter and we will be having an easter egg hunt and some easter crafts but I'm totally blank about this week's meeting.


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  1. That's a great way to stay organized, and it's not's just smart. I've returned to projects with no idea what went where and spent a good amount of time trying to reacquaint myself with everything.