Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Catch up goals and Bag ladies stitch along

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted and now I'm back playing sewing catch up. Never mind, the last couple of weeks have been spent doing some decorating and catching up on vital paperwork. The work on the house is moving forward very quickly and the end is in sight, thank goodness . Missing out on stitching time has been a small price to pay to see the house finally coming together. Now I need to buy the flooring for the main living areas.

On the sewing front I nearly, so very nearly, completed my September goal for OMG at Red Letter Quilts  Still sad though it is, 'nearly' isn't yippee I completed my goal.  I still need to trim the quilt and bind it. This quilt is for my daughter Lucy and she was really looking forward to having it during September. Now the weather has already turned colder and she really would like it to curl up under in the evening. Especially as she has a lot of reading to do in preparation for writing her dissertation for her Master's course.

We are both very happy with the quilting but sewing in all the ends took simply ages. It was slow stitching most days of the week not just Sunday.

Although this is so close to completion I'm not using this as my October goal. Instead I want to quilt Buddy's quilt.

This is a big quilt but then Buddy is a large dog. Here he is lounging on the settee after a long Christmas day keeping us all entertained.

My goal for October is to get the quilting done and if I have time to bind the quilt as well.

Although I haven't been blogging recently I have been doing some hand stitching. I'm still trying to get all my badges (or patches) sewn onto my camp blanket and I've done some cross stitch on the book mark. I love hand stitching but I tend to be very slow. My spare time is in the evening and often my eyes are tired from using a computer all day so hand stitching is out of the question. At the end of October I will be working an hour and a half's train journey away from home twice a week. That will give me 6 hours stitching time each week so I'm hopeful I will be able to get some of my hand stitching projects finished.

I'll need to finish some of the projects as Barbara at Cat Patches is planning a monthly stitch along starting January 1st 2017. Her plan is to stitch the 12 Bag ladies of the fat quarter club. These are such great designs from Chickadee Hollow Designs Barbara is also having a give away for the patterns, so click here for a chance to win. This is open until 11.59 p.m. (PST) on Friday 7th October. It's open to all residents of planet Earth so what are you waiting for?

Tomorrow I'll add the binding to Lucy's quilt and maybe I'll have a finish on Friday to cheer about.



  1. Lucky Buddy getting a quilt! Good luck finishing your goal.

  2. I love the quilt you're making for Lucy. Such pretty colors. Thanks for that PR plug!

  3. Buddy is a very lucky boy. I love his w=quilt and good luck with finishing the quilting this month.

  4. Oh, the quilt looks lovely! Sorry you came so close to your goal, I love that next month the binding is set as your bonus:) Buddy is a lucky dog to get his own quilt!