Saturday, 5 November 2016

UFO's and a new project.

Last week I unpicked a half made jumper because I really hated the pattern and it was never going to get finished. I'm feeling much happier having started a Guernsey style jumper and I've already finished the back. Over the weekend I purged some of my smaller cross stitch patterns and took some to the charity shop. Having done all that, this morning I decided I'd better look at my quilt UFO's. 

The 'It's a dog's life' quilt had been sandwiched but it had got all munched up in my storage box so that will need a good press and re-make of the quilt sandwich so I can quilt it next month.

I love this quilt and had forgotten that I'd prepared it for quilting. I'd love to get this finished so I can hang it on the wall in my sewing room / visitors room.

I have a baby quilt all ready for quilting that I've never photographed. It's to go in the box for project Linus. Then there is the baby quilt I'm making from the mini nine patches. The top is almost finished 

I need to do some more work on Lucy's hexagon quilt. I'm making this by hand and it's very relaxing. I have an hour and a quarter journey to Reading twice a week now so I will have lots of stitching time.

I still hadn't reached the bottom of my storage box but Lucy arrived with Buddy as we had arranged to take the dogs out for a walk. The weather has gone cold with the temperature predicted to be a high of 8 degrees celsius and it looked overcast so we set off at once. We walked over Wimbledon Common and Putney Heath, where the trees are finally loosing their leaves.The dogs loved it, and Scamp did so much running that he was tired all afternoon.

After the walk I had some time to sew. This month I wanted to join Sharon at Vroomans Quilts for  her 'Let's book it' and this was a great time to get started on the project. The pattern I'm making is a cushion cover. The pattern and fabric to make it was in my fabric box in October.

Here's the picture from the pattern.

I soon had the front made and the lace attached. 

The next job was to cut out and applique the rabbit onto the front. I did this on the machine using a narrow satin stitch.

I had a bit of a headache at this point so stopped for a nap. I cut the flowers out and will attach them tomorrow. The back is partially made and it will all go together quite quickly. Once complete the cushion will go into my Christmas present box.

I have received this months goodies box. It's such fun having this arrive each month and so far I've loved the items in the box. This month it has 2 mini charm packs, a neutral fat quarter, 1inch hexagon templates, a table runner pattern and a needle threader (which also has a thread cutting blade in it.)

This evening I'm going to do some knitting as it is easy and I can do it whilst watching TV.

Today is Bonfire night in the UK. The day remembers the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605 and the celebrating involves a lot of fireworks. Picasso loves them and sits and watches but Scamp is really frightened of them so this evening he will need lots of cuddles. Last weekend was Diwali and also involved fireworks so he's had a bit of a stressy time recently. Once the fireworks are finished this weekend there shouldn't be any more (or not many) until New Year.


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  1. You have some lovely projects on the go there.I love the dogs life quilt.Aslo love the bunny cushion,can you tell me a little more about "the box" is there a club to join? I love the idea of mystery boxes but have only found shops in America that sell them,and as I am in the UK ,I would rather find one here.Enjoy your Sunday,it has gone very nippy hasn't it ,but still my little dog needs a walk.x