Tuesday, 1 November 2016

What, It's November already!

Oh the indecision of wishing you Happy November. I scoured google for a good image...... well I spent several minutes searching and almost gave myself a headache worrying what to choose. For the Brits, we celebrate Bonfire night on November 5th and Remembrance Day on the 13th November, in the USA there is thanksgiving  on the 24th November and in Scotland there is St Andrew's day on November 30th.  Should I choose a firework, a poppy, a turkey or a thistle? Well in the end I decided an image wasn't needed, I'll just say Happy November everyone. Hope it will be a good month for you.

October was a bit of a non event as far as sewing was concerned for me. I really didn't do anything! I have almost finished my nine patch quilt and I made some Halloween mug rugs, I unpicked my knitting and re-knitted the back in a different pattern. We have decorated our dining room and made a good start on our main room. I've just about caught up with work for my job (wow that took for ever) and I'm now feeling more organised and generally happier with life. So it doesn't matter that my October goal never happened, I did other things.

So what about November? It is going to be really busy job wise with only limited time for sewing. I've made a start on the bear quilt but this is going to be a fairly long term project. My November project / goal has to be to quilt Buddy's quilt.

This will be my main goal and I actually believe I can achieve it this month. I also want to try and complete my Celtic cross book mark. I haven't done much of it so far. I was looking for this last night so I could work on it during my train journeys today but I couldn't remember where I'd put it. I've now located it so I have it ready for my journey on Thursday.

Here's the picture from the pattern for those of you who haven't seen it before.

I've been trying to read more this year and a book mark would be most useful. I also need to practice on my new machine. Yesterday I had intended to sew the block for the bear quilt on it but I forgot I needed to change the setting when I used the 1/4 inch foot and so I ended up munching the needle. As I was working on a limited time frame I switched to my Elna to piece the block. I need to give the new one time to be able to learn the controls and so really be able to enjoy my sewing experience. I'm acting a little like John (and maybe several other men) and assuming I know what I'm doing because I've used machines before so don't need to read the instructions book. The instruction book is huge and so a little off putting but the machine has an on board video that shows me how to do most things so how difficult can it be?

Finally I will be continuing with my knitting. I'm actually enjoying this now. Unpicking the pattern was so liberating and put me back in control. My comfort zone has been restored and so I'm cruising through the knitting. I've almost finished the back. Sometimes you just have to pull the plug on a project to get you mojo back.

I'm linking this post with one monthly goal which has moved to Elm Tree Quilts whilst Heidi from Red Letter quilts recovers. Get better soon Heidi.

Elm Street Quilts

I'm off to get a little bit of knitting done before bed time or maybe finish those last few inches on the binding. Oh I don't know what to do first. 


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