Saturday, 25 February 2017

Sewing and ironing.

Today I had planned a sewing day but I have an ironing mountain of Everest proportions so I needed to get it under control. What? You think I ditched the sewing in favour of the ironing? Not a chance. I had intended to put the lining in my green jacket but then I spied the box with my Mariner's Compass quilt and changed my mind. The last time I worked on this quilt I completed the centre panel.

Today I wanted to add up to the first border. A happy time was spent cutting and sewing and a while later I had 4 pieces that looked like this.

The pieces all look neat on the back

The pieces were than sewn onto the central square. This was a fun experience because those triangles are 30 inches across the long edge and stitching on the bias is always a little challenging. Finally it was done and I'm pleased with the result.

Every time I tried to take a photo Scamp plonked himself on the top so he could be in the photo. He wasn't at all concerned that I wanted the top all neatly laid out. He has been most helpful all day when I've been muttering about the sizes of the strips I needed to cut and as I cut the 45 degree angles. As I pressed each seam he demanded a scratch behind his ears before I could stitch the next seams, he insisted it was to make sure I didn't tire myself out. Anyway he has signed the top off as up to required quality so far. I'll do the first border when next I work on this.

The good news is that not only have I got on with my quilt top I have also ironed some shirts,

and a small pile of T shirts and pillow cases.

For each seam I sewed I ironed 1 item. That helped reduce the ironing mountain a little. I'll do some more tomorrow.

Tonight I'm watching Kingsman and doing some knitting. Scamp is already curled up comfortably on my lap and Picasso is asleep on the back of my chair. We've had a very tasty take away curry and all's well with the world (if you exclude politics etc etc).



  1. You are much more disciplined than I. When I try to sewing/ironing system, I always cheat in favor of the sewing. My ironing basket is overflowing once again...or still.

  2. Oh wow! That quilt top is amazing. I admire anyone with the patience to make that!

  3. The quilt looks amazing, can't wait to see what goes on next!

  4. Very pretty quilt. As for the ironing, I don't think I've ironed a garment in at least ten years. Not working helps, but we tend to just wear them wrinkled. In extreme cases, we iron just before donning said garment.

  5. This is just so beautiful, Lyndsey. It really is going to be stunning! Happy weekend to you.