Friday, 24 February 2017

The wind's a blowing and I'm happily sewing.

Yesterday in London we were hit by high winds as storm Doris battered parts of the UK. I was teaching in Reading yesterday and since high winds were predicted I travelled by train rather than driving. I was very relieved on the journey home that we weren't held up by fallen trees. The train was travelling a lot slower than normal so the journey took longer but we arrived safely. Once home I listened to the wind outside and the gusts rattling our windows before I turned the TV on to cover the noise and set about doing some stitching. I needed to finish the binding on the 'It's a dog's life' quilt so I got on with that first.

I'm really pleased with this finish. I enjoyed doing the stitching for the blocks and it is a really cute quilt. Once my sewing cum work room is finished this will hang on the wall. Before then of course I need to add a hanging sleeve to the quilt and a label.

Next I did a little more work on my knitting. I'm hoping to finish the first sleeve up to the start of the arm hole by the end of the weekend. I'm not taking another picture of my progress as it looks the same but longer.

Today was a day off but I needed to do some work for work. I hadn't checked my work emails since Monday and so I had dozens to deal with and then I had some marking to do so the day flew by. When John got home we took Scamp for a walk over the common. Following the storm of yesterday the temperature had dropped so it was back to wearing my duffel coat and hat but at least the sun was shining weakly. I still have more marking to do but tomorrow I'm going to take the day off and make some blocks and work on my green jacket. I want to celebrate the start oof Spring by wearing this jacket.

I have the lining and the buttons so this should be a quick finish for next week. I really do need to get some of my older projects finished so I can start some new ones.

So I'm celebrating my Friday finish by linking up with Amanda Jean for Finish it up Friday  I'm also hoping to have some other things to show you tomorrow. For now I need to snuggle in bed as the excitement of a finish has quite worn me out.



  1. Your quilt looks fantastic. Congrats on the finish. And soon your jacket will be finished too. The color is great for spring.

  2. I love cherry red and sonyour quilt caught my eye, then I scrolled down to see your jacket -wow! I have always wanted to know how to place lining in a jacket!

  3. So nice to sew when the weather is bad. Nice to be cozy inside. Love the jacket. Such a pretty color.