Thursday 1 June 2017

Can I fit some sewing in?

I'm loving being on holiday and getting chores up to date but also having a little time for sewing. Today was also my clinic appointment and I needed to get bloods taken before my treatment tomorrow so two trips to the hospital. We live a short walk from the hospital and I go early to get the bloods done so the results are back for the clinic. Then a little later another short walk for the main appointment. Once that was all done John and I took Scamp for a walk to the common. It is very hot here in London and the humidity is high which made for a sticky walk so we took it very slowly. 

Between having my bloods done and my clinic appointment I cut the pieces for two more star blocks. It would have been more but John went and got some croissants and made french style coffee. We sat in the garden enjoying our breakfast listening to the gently humming from the bees. Three large bumble bees were enjoying the flowers on the spiraea. I didn't have my camera or phone with me so had to take a photo later and couldn't get the lone bee as it wouldn't keep still.

The spiraea is beneath our bird feeders and parts of it ends up covered in seeds and seed husks that are dropped and also bird poo. The pigeons love the smaller birds dropping the seeds and gather under the feeders making a lot of noise. That sends Scamp into a cadenza and he rushes outside to shoo them away.

In the corner of the garden is this tangle of leaves which is our crab apple tree. The Jack Marni clematis  has grown up and through the branches. It looked amazing when it was in flower earlier this year

You can see some of the apples towards the top of the picture. The tree is covered with fruit but they aren't very big yet  so hide among the leaves. There will be enough this year to make some crab apple jelly or other recipes.

When we came back from our walk with Scamp I made up the two star blocks I already cut out,

and then I prepared a further block and sewed it together. 

I now have 17 blocks so just three more to complete the border. I will have to trim them all before I stitch them together and I need to trim the four small compass blocks that are used as the cornerstones for this border. Border three is a thin green border that I've already cut and joined the strips together. Maybe I have time to finish border 2 and border 3 by the end of the weekend.

This evening I plan on starting work on Beulah the June bag lady. Barbara from Cat Patches is running a stitch along over 2017. There are 12 bag ladies so each month you stitch a different bag lady. There is a link up party at the beginning of each month and there is a prize for the person whose link up is chosen. You don't have to finish the embroidery, just made a start. It's fun to see everyone's lady and how they have personalised her. If you haven't read Barbara's blog before you are in for a treat as it is an eclectic mix of quilting, stitching, cats, trips, flowers, eating and cooking food and much more.

I am linking up Hildegard, the May bag lady to Barbara's show and tell party. I'm really please with how she turned out.

If the weather was a little cooler I would do some knitting as I want to finish John's jumper. Unfortunately the humidity is very high here and just holding the knitting needles becomes uncomfortable after a couple of rows. Yesterday when I was browsing the yarns in John Lewis in Reading I got talking to a lady who insisted it is never too hot to knit. I used to follow Lynn's blog from Australia of the same name but she hasn't posted for ages. I hope she's OK and that life is being kind to her and her family.  For me I find winter a much better time to be knitting.

Tomorrow is my treatment day. The new drug takes less time so I should be finished by 1:30 and then the plan is to watch a film. Katy my older daughter is coming over in the afternoon and she has suggested 'How to make an American quilt' as she hasn't seen it for ages. Sounds perfect with lots of tea, biscuits or maybe some cup cakes and some hand stitching. I'll probably just stitch some more badges on my camp blanket as the stitches don't show so it doesn't matter that I often shake a little after treatment which makes the stitches wonky. There is also a be prepared weather warning for torrential rain in our area tomorrow so a good day to stay in doors. 

Finally I have found another quilt pattern that I want to make. It will make a perfect baby quilt. I don't know anyone having a baby at present but several of my old friends from my nurse training have children who have got married recently so it's always a possibility in the not too distant future. It will not be a quick quilt to make as it has applique and piecing. I'll take a picture tomorrow to show you.



  1. Hildegard looks quite stunning all stitched up. Hope your treatment went well. The star blocks are looking great. Looking forward to seeing the border completed.

  2. I love what you did with Hildegard. Very creative with that scarf. I'm envious of your crabapple tree. We have an apple tree, but the poor thing has struggled for years producing a total of about half a dozen apples, all eaten by deer.