Saturday, 3 June 2017

Stars all finished

This morning I had treatment number 6. Just 2 left to go. Because the treatment has worked so well I could have stopped after this one but I'd rather do all the 8 that were planned since I haven't had too many problems. Anyway the treatment was over by 1 p.m. and once home I decided to finish up the star blocks for the compass quilt. I also had a huge pile of ironing staring at me in the kitchen so I played my game of pressing the seams and ironing two items each time. By the end of the afternoon I had completed my blocks and had a small neat pile of ironing. A win win situation.  Here are my final 3 blocks.


Tomorrow morning John is going to a safeguarding training to do with our church so I have some time to myself. My plan is to trim all the blocks and the 4 small compass blocks which form the cornerstones for this border. If all goes well I may even start stitching the border together. Before I do that I'll need to decide the layout of the blocks and that could take some time. I also want to do some work on the tote bag.

The post had been delivered while I was out this morning and so had my treat box. This month this is what it contains.

The charm pack is True Blue by Zen Chic and there is a 50 cm cut of white bleached from Moda Bella Solids. The Bramble Patch where I get my treat box from has just started stocking the full range of DMC embroidery threads. My thread is one I needed to complete a project - I wonder how they knew that? There is also a cushion and quilt pattern that both use the charm pack. However I don't have any plans to make either of these at the moment.

Yesterday I told you I had another quilt I wanted to make and today I remembered to take a photo of it. It is from my latest Today's Quilter magazine and is designed and made by Mandy Shaw.

Here is some of the detail of the appliques.

I quite like the quilt in the more muted colours but I do love bright and vibrant colours so at present I'm considering what fabrics to use. Hopefully my deliberations and the time it will take to find the fabrics I want will give me sufficient time to complete the top for the compass quilt.

Today parts of London had torrential rain but here in Tooting we were lucky. It rained and there was some thunder but nothing unusual and no heavy downpours. What it has done is reduce the temperature so I'm hoping that tomorrow it will be cool enough to do some knitting.


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