Saturday, 29 July 2017

Busy, busy, busy.

Today was always going to be a busy day as I have camping kit and my personal kit to pack. Prior to that I needed to change the beds, do some laundry and also repair a pair of jeans. With laundry to do I really needed good weather but as I ran the washing machine for the first time the rain started.  I needn't have worried as over the day I dried all my washing outside. I don't mind running the dryer in the winter but try to avoid using it during the summer. 

In between cleaning and other jobs I finally finished the pinafore dress that I started last year. All I had to do to finish it was the hem and I hand stitched the hem this afternoon. I thought about doing it on the machine since I needed to repair a seam on Lucy's work skirt. It would have been quick to do since the machine was already set up but I prefer to hand stitch hems.

The pinafore is just really simple and I can wear T shirts or blouses under it. I added a bit of bling with some ribbon along the top of the pocket. I love skirts or dresses with pockets as I have somewhere to put my tissues and money when I'm in class. Rather than carting my handbag around with me all day I protect my possessions by using my locker.

The bit around the door handle is a running repair that was needed recently. The door was shut and when John tried to open it the door stayed firmly shut. When he gave it a tug the handle broke and we had to change it. The new handle was a slightly different mechanism and so there were small holes to fill.

This evening I did a little stitching on Mildred. I decided to do the pattern on her apron in blue.

I'm getting very attached to Mildred as I stitch her. I will carry on working on Mildred until we leave for Switzerland on the 8th August. I will pack Constance in my personal kit so I can start work on her while we are away.

Constance is a very up market bag lady. I need to find a project bag to this stitching project and then sort out the threads I need for her.

Still a lot to do before Sunday so I think I'd better go to bed. I'm not sure where today has gone as I seem to have been in perpetual motion all day.


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  1. We seem to be living parallel lives right now. Always a lot of little things to do, especially before a big trip.