Sunday 23 July 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching

Here we are another week gone, a week of thunder storms, sunny days and rather more work than I'd wanted. That's the trouble with the end of the academic year, there is so much marking and admin to do there is hardly any time to catch your breath or to spend on your hobbies. 

Having completed very little of my projects this year I decided I needed a plan. Last weekend I spent some time listing my projects under main headings, quilting, embroidery, sewing and knitting. I then identified one thing off each list I would try to do this month. To make it workable I set a small objective for the chosen project and then set about completing the objective. My objective for my knitting project was to knit up to the armhole of the second sleeve of John's jumper. I managed this and also added the sleeve to the main body of the jumper. 

Next up is a flying geese border. For this pattern it asks for 20 squares at 71/4 inch cut on the two diagonals to give 80 triangles, the middle of. the geese. I then needed 80 squares at 37/8 cut once to give 160 triangles. Not my favourite way of making flying geese as stitching the triangles on the bias can pull them out of shape  so I need to handle them less and take more care. I ended up with all the pieces cut including the extra pieces for the four corner ston I'm finding it rather strange knitting in the round as I've never done this before but trying new techniques is good for the brain. I keep panicking the jumper isn't the right size but the tape measure tells a different story and it should be a great fit. I'm not sure why I'm worrying as I did my test square to make sure my tension was right before I started knitting. Anyway knitting objective for the month done. 

My quilting objective to to cut the fabric for the flying geese border of my compass quilt. This is where I left it when I last worked on this project. I had completed star border and needed to make border 4, the flying geese border. 

I needed to cut 20  squares at 71/4 inches and cut on the two diagonals to make 80 triangles for the centre of the flying geese. I also cut 80 squares at 37/8 inches cut once on the diagonal. All the cutting left my wrists a little sore but I had several neat piles of pieces all ready for stitching. In addition I also cut the pieces for the 4 cornerstones.  Sewing the triangles on the bias is not my most favourite way of making flying geese as it always seems slower and there is a risk of pulling the fabric out of shape. I may start the stitching later in the week but if I don't it doesn't matter as my quilting objective for the month is complete. Ha why didn't I think about setting tiny objectives before.

All that cutting left me with a pile of scraps. I think I need to start a scrappy quilt in the near future.

For my stitching objective I was going to work on Mildred, this months bag lady. Then I realised that Ernestine was almost completed and it would be really nice to have a finish so yesterday I worked on her.


I'm very pleased with how Ernestine has come out and I love her little dog. I have also spent a little time with Mildred today, starting the stitching on her dress. I can't make up my mind whether to embroider the buttons on the dress or use small beads. 

The only objective I haven't worked on is my sewing projects. I'm going to try and cut out the lining for my green jacket some time this week. I wanted to wear this during the summer and if I don't get a move on it will be winter before I finish it. For the rest of the month anything I achieve for my other projects is an added bonus and I'm feeling really positive about my hobbies.

I linking this post with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching Why not go and see what other people have been working on.

I'm going to take a nap as my computer is driving me nuts at present. It had a big update for Windows 10 and since then has decided it is a tablet and won't acknowledge it has a keyboard. Microsoft if you're reading this sort out your softwear. My computer is a Lenova not a surface pro and I like using the keyboard, oddly enough it makes it easier to write a post. I've tried all the settings and nothing is making it work but Richard will be home soon and should be able to sort it out. Another thing Microsoft if Windows 10 is so User friendly why won't it do what I need it to do? I think I'd better put the computer away so I can stop being grumpy. 

Hope you all had a good weekend.



  1. Great plan for getting your projects completed. I use a similar system and it works for me also. You made great progress on all the projects. I have never knitted in the round so that looked quite intriguing. I prefer other methods for geese too. Sewing on bias never lies quite as nice as I would like it to but others seem to execute it nicely and I am sure you will too.
    Ernestine turned out really lovely. It will be fun to see your bag ladies as a finished project. I need to start blogging again, I have been working on some fun projects I need to share but there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in my day.

  2. Great way to tame those unfinished projects. Ernestine is looking marvelous. I like the dog too.

  3. Ernestine and her dog are adorable... great job!
    Can't wait to see Mildred!

  4. Whew, that is a lot of cutting. A job I dread! Kudos for you getting so many projects in hand including lovely embroidery.