Saturday 9 September 2017

A quiet Saturday

It's two  weeks since I had surgery and today I had to make a decision, was I up to a 9 mile walk? Now normally I'd have jumped at the activity but I think I may have finally discovered that I'm no longer 20 years old. I can hear cheers from my family but I feel it's only fair to warn them that the discovery will probably fade from my mind over time. Anyway back to the walk. Each year our church has a walk in aid of the Children's Society and today was the day. The walk is usually about 8 to 10 miles but there are usually points where you can cut out early if the distance is too great. I've done some of the previous walks but looking at the statistics, more often than not the walk has been very wet. Now I'm not adverse to walking in rain especially if I'm only walking 4 or 5 miles. Walking 9 miles in bad weather is a whole different game. The forecast for the day was very wet with thunder storms so Scamp and I made the decision to stay home. I had a few jobs I needed to do, a trip to the vet to pick up some food for Scamp and Picasso, go the post office and the pharmacist. Otherwise the day was my own.

I decided to get the chores done first so Scamp and I headed out to pick up the pet food. The company that make the food have a loyalty scheme. They give £5 off the first months supply and then the 6th purchase is free. When we got to the vet I realised I'd left the card at home so we had to go back and get it before I could get the food but it was worth it as this months supply was free. Next the post office, the pharmacist and a quick stop at a couple of shops in town to check out the new skirts and jumpers that had come in. I didn't find anything I wanted or needed in the shops but I enjoyed looking.

Next I got the machine out and made the next block for the Austen family album quilt. This makes 16 blocks completed.

I had to unpick a couple of the seams as the points just weren't working. I'm reasonably happy with them now. I had intended making a second block but it started to rain and there was some thunder. Scamp gets very nervous when it thunders so I had to spend time playing with him to calm him down. Picasso is totally different as he loves thunder and particularly enjoys sitting at the window watching the lightening.

Once the storm had passed Scamp settled down on my lap for a sleep so I made a start on Matilda, the September bag lady. I started with her coat but didn't get very far as Scamp was so warm and cuddly that I ended up asleep as well.

This is the 9th bag lady but so far I have only finished 3. 

Another 2 bag ladies are very near being finished and I think I may be able to get at least one of them done this month.

When John got home from the walk he told me they had only had rain for a few minutes over the day and otherwise they had sunshine. Seems Scamp and I would have missed the thunder storm if we had gone walking. 

Tomorrow I plan on cutting out the next two blocks for the Austen quilt but I'll leave the sewing until Monday. I want to sort my scraps a little as they are starting to get out of hand and if I have time I want to look at the instructions for my dolls house. The house was my Christmas present a couple of years ago but because we have been doing a lot of work on our house it is still in the box. it would be great to get it out and start work on it.

Please stay safe if you are in the areas of the hurricanes or bush fires.



  1. Your completed Bag Ladies are so cute. They certainly take on a personality with the embroidery. The fabrics for your Austen quilt are really pretty. Looking forward to seeing it come together. Sorry you and Scamp missed the walk. But you really got a lot of other things accomplished.

  2. Your Austen block reminds me of a block I made once...the aptly named, Devil's Claw. It took me forever. Your bag ladies look great. Finished my Mathilda a couple of days ago. Now I'm on to a new project, which is always fun. You made a wise choice staying in. I don't like walking in bad weather either.

  3. I'm caught up on your posts and here are the things I loved...the retirement photo of you and hubby, your Switzerland photos...what a country!, your surgery is behind you and went well(Yah), your hair is regrowing, bag lady blocks are sweet and your Austen family blocks are also wonderful. Thanks for sharing.