Sunday, 3 September 2017

A slow Sunday.

Today started well with sun,but a fresh wind that made our walk around the common very pleasant. We didn't take Scamp as he's had 4 longish walks this week and he decided he didn't want to get out of his basket. Having checked he wasn't unwell we set out and found that without Scamp we picked up the pace which was a little challenging but left me feeling good. Scamp loves to sniff everything and say hello to other dogs which all takes time. Once home I ironed a few bits lifting the iron with my left arm as I'm not allowed to lift anything heavy with my right arm at present.  As the weather is changeable at the moment I wanted to be sure I had clothes suitable for all eventualities.

Apart from cooking dinner later the rest of the day is free so time to settle down for some slow stitching. I didn't get very far with last months bag lady but I'll catch up eventually. It's a new month and that means a new lady. This months lady is Mathilda. Arrgh still more polka dots.

This afternoon I'm going to spend a little time working on the piece of embroidery I recently rediscovered.

I want to stitch the two butterfly on the right hand side and finish the leaves across the bottom. Lucy and I also bought a few more badges (patches) whilst in Switzerland and I'd like to get mine sewn on my camp blanket. We're holding a Swiss evening for the parents when we restart for the new term and I want them sewn on by then.

I'm linking this post with Kathy for her Slow Sunday Stitching Pop over and see what everyone's been working on.



  1. Your embroidery is beautiful. I look forward to seeing how you finished those butterflies. Enjoy stitching Matilda.

  2. The Swiss patches are so diverse and colorful. They look like the would be hard to sew on by hand. I never did master the art of sewing on patches when my sons were in scouts. The embroidery looks like fun.

  3. The polka dots are going a little faster this month, but I'm with you. Enough with the polka dots. Sounds like a lovely walk.

  4. What a beautiful piece of embroidery and a good idea to set small goals to work your way through it.