Saturday, 1 December 2018

A great sewing day

I love Saturday mornings as generally they are the one day of the week when I don't need to set my alarm and neither does John. Even without the alarm I'm usually awake at about 6 a.m. but today I didn't wake until 7:30. Oh the luxury of a lie in and no need to rush once I woke up. I went and made tea and took it back to bed to get the full pleasure of a leisurely morning.

Today was a planned sewing day. I had loads of scrappy blocks and today I was hoping to get a good start on turning them into a quilt. I had made some snowball blocks ages ago and to these I added some very scrappy 9 patch blocks

I started the day stitching the blocks together and then I added a blue border. When I stopped all the blocks had been stitched together and borders added. I needed to press the last lot of seams I'd stitched, trim the blocks and then cut the sashing fabric and fabric for the outer border. This is what I had at the end of the day.

It doesn't look much yet but by this time tomorrow I should have a quilt top.

During the day I had to take several breaks as I needed to collect pet food and also get some groceries. There were a few household chores to do which included changing the beds and getting the laundry done. It's very satisfying to have a pile of freshly washed and dried laundry, several other household jobs completed and a pile of completed sewing. This evening I even manage to cast on the stitches for the body of John's jumper and knit one row. A very good days work.

So tomorrow I'll set a goal for November and get more sewing done. But for now bed is calling.


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  1. Doesn't it feel great to have a productive day at the sewing machine.