Friday 5 March 2021

I've missed my sewing time.

Since I posted my day for the Show your Stripes blog hop I hadn't touched a sewing machine or needle and thread except to sew on a button that came off my blouse until yesterday. Since sewing is my happy place that makes me a little sad but I have had time to think through projects I need to finish and plan out new projects.

In February I showed you the fabric from my subscription box to make a tote bag.

The fabric is a heavy tapestry fabric titled Vincent. Yesterday I started the quilting having cut all the fabric to the right dimensions. I also 'quilted' a second mat for my bathroom. On the mat I tried out several of the stitches that are on my machine. I've no idea why I hadn't done this before since I've had the machine since 2016.

This week I received my new subscription box and the fabrics are very yummy.

The fabrics are Kyoto by Stuart Hillard and they feel so nice. I can't wait to use them and will be doing that over the weekend.

Over the week I've been working on my knitting. I have had to attend several long meetings online this week and since we don't put our videos on I can be doing some hand stitching or knitting. One of my colleagues gave herself a full manicure during yesterday's meeting!  The right front of the jacket I'm knitting has grown a lot but I'm not up to the armhole shaping yet. I'm not posting a photo as it's just another piece of knitting

For today I tired of sitting at the dining table. This is where I work, sew and eat dinner. I need a change of scene. I finally got round to sewing new binding to the front of Richard's Star Trek quilt so I'll start stitching it down on the back. I also need to finish my Pride and Prejudice block so I can start on the March block. I'm going to move to a comfortable armchair and settle down to some slow stitching whilst watching a film. I just need to decide what I fancy watching and make a pot of tea.

Take care



  1. Your subscription boxes look wonderful. So glad you were able to get your machine out and do a little stitching. Your bath mats are a wonderful avenue for practice. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Sorry that you've missed so much sewing time, Lindsey. The fabric for your Vincent Tote looks lovely paired with that golden Moda Grunge fabric! I hope that you will soon enjoy stitching it up.

  3. Back to a little sewing again always makes us feel better. Your header photo shows Dpring is coming fast!