Wednesday 10 March 2021

Sewing a baby quilt.

The weather here in London has been beautiful over the last two days with sunshine that actually has some warmth in it. Out of the sun it's still cold and the wind has a bite to it so I'm not getting too excited yet. By the time I finished work yesterday afternoon the park and cemetery were shut and the sun was fading so I didn't get a walk but I was hopefully the weather will hold for today. Unfortunately that was not to be, it's cold and grey and already started to rain. In an effort to be a little fitter and more flexible, since the start of the year I have been doing yoga regularly and over the last couple of weeks I've managed to do a yoga practice every morning before work. Unfortunately I will have to do it later in the day when we return to the office. 

I said I had a plan to fit some stitching into my day and I've managed to do that the last two days but it has been hand stitching in the evening. This afternoon I had time and space to set up the machine and work on the baby quilt. 

I had made 12 of the 16 blocks I need. I decided to start by cutting the sashing. I chose some cream fabric from my stash. I did the maths before I started cutting. Fortunately there would be an 4 inch width of fabric piece left once I'd cut all the sashing. That didn't take too long and I started sewing the rows together once I'd trimmed my blocks. By the time I'd finished for the day I had three complete row and I'd made a further two blocks.

I've got the squares for the other two blocks picked out and ready to sew. That will be for tomorrow evening. I'll also stitch the horizontal sashing. I might even finish the whole top!

I also finally started my project for the salt and sand blog hop. I started a project a couple of weeks ago but didn't like how it was going so stopped. Obviously I can't show you what I'm working on so you'll have to visit the hop. It starts on March 22nd.

I'm hoping we will be able to visit the beach this summer and if we are really lucky get back to our walking journey around the English coastal path.

This evening I'm going to settle down with my knitting and watch TV. With any luck tomorrow will be another good sewing day.

Take care



  1. What a sweet quilt. Our weather is supposed to be nice here too as a welcome home. We’ll get there today. Hoping the crocus are still blooming.

  2. The baby quilt is coming together nicely, Lyndsey! Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the Salt and Sand Blog Hop.

  3. Your baby quilt is coming along well, maybe as planned you will complete stitching the top very soon.