Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Fabric and paintings.

Trying to get my head round all the things I've been doing recently is hard work. Not that I've been having a mad social life and seeing lots of friends. Far from it. John and I did meet up with three friends for a drink one evening last week and it was most enjoyable and seemed rather strange as it's not something we've done very often since end of March 2020. It's really good to meet up with friends and catch up on all the gossip but it was odd not having shared memories of things we would normally have done together over the last year.

One of the things John and I love is art and living in London we have a lot of art galleries and museum that put on exhibitions. In early May we visited the Tate Britain for an exhibition by Lynette Yiadom-Boakye. She was born in London in 1977 and she makes figurative paintings taken from a variety of source materials. The exhibition showed work from her time at the Royal Academy schools, which she graduated from in 2003 and included painting from 2020. The figures in her painting are fictitious, using images she has collected in scrapbooks. I really like her work but here are some photos I took so you can decide what you think for yourself.

At the same time as this exhibition the main galleries contained an installation by Heather Phillipson. I liked this installation and took pictures to share with you. Again I'll leave you to make up your own mind.

On the sewing front I had completed the top of a baby quilt only to have my daughter ask if she could have it and if so I could enlarge it.

I bought some fabric to add a row at the top and bottom of the quilt top and a beautiful green fabric to add borders all round. Tomorrow I have a free day and nothing planned so I hoped to get the resized top completed.

I also picked up these three fat quarters just because I liked them

and this Japanese panel.

I have an idea in my head of how I want to use this panel but that won't happen until my holiday in August. We have decided to stay home this year during my summer break, rather than booking a holiday. We'll have some days out and also time to catch up on projects and just spending chill out time .

I have been working on various sewing projects but I'll share that with you next time. Today I'm interviewing again but got up early to do this post before starting work. Because the interviews are on line I don't have to go into the office so I have extra time in my day since I don't have the commute to do. I might even manage to finish the blouse I'm making if the day runs smoothly.

Take care.




  1. Thanks for sharing the art exhibit, Lyndsey! I hope your daughter knows how lucky she is that you will make up gifts for her friends at a moment's notice. SEW very lucky, she is!!

  2. The paintings are interesting & glad you enjoyed the exhibition. The little quilt is lovely & someone is going to be lucky to receive it. Look forward to your next post about the sewing. Take cre & hugs.

  3. I always think 8ts so nice when family ask us for a quilt, and I'm sure you are happy to oblige your daughter. Were you originally making this baby quilt for someone in particular, or just as something to have on hand. I often remind my grown up granddaughters that I'm happy to make a baby quilt if any of their friends or workmates are having a baby, but no takers yet.

  4. Interesting exhibits! And the baby quilt is soooo darn cute! Love the dancing bunnies.