Monday, 21 June 2021

This and that

 Earlier this month I shared a photo of a blouse I was making. I hadn't got very far with it

Earlier this week I finished it and I'm pleased with the result. I find dressmaking stressful these days because I don't do it very often. When I was younger and the children were little I used to make all my clothes and quite a lot of their clothes. Anyway the blouse is finished, it fits well and looks really good on.  Why is there never anyone around when you need a photo taken?

Spurred on by this success I've cut out the pattern pieces for a summer dress. I think that's the reason the hot summer weather has gone to be replaced with heavy rain! Hopefully the sun will be back once I've got it finished.

I've also been doing repairs and alterations for my daughter. She had bought this top online but the shoulder pads are much bigger than she expected. They give her huge shoulders, so she asked me to remove them. That was a nice straightforward job.

I also realised that I'd never shown the photo of the completed baby quilt I made a while back. The last phot I posted was without the binding. This is the only photo I have of the completed quilt as it has now gone to its new owner.

I love stripes as binding and this pattern works just as well.

Back in April my younger daughter was 30 and I shared with you the afternoon tea party we had outdoors at older daughter's home. Kathryn had bought 4 large helium balloons to make up for the second covid restricted birthday her sister was having. There was a 3 and a 0 plus a unicorn and a narwhale. The day was rather windy and they got blown around but they were well tied down. We got the balloons home and they stayed in the living room. Three balloons soon lost height and eventually came to rest on the floor but the 0 kept on going Finally on June 18th, two months after Lucy's birthday it lost it's fight to stay on the ceiling and floated round the room 

Finally, today it gave up the fight completely. Without the 4 balloons everything has returned to normal.

Yesterday, Sunday, I finally completed the May Pride and Prejudice block. I haven't drawn out the June block yet but I have time to do that and get the block stitched. Sorry it's all crumpled but I didn't have the time or energy to get the iron out.

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday stitching

Take care



  1. I love that blouse. I haven't sewn clothes for myself since I was in my teens. I sewed some things for my daughter and son when they were in elementary school, but that was long ago. I always had fit issues when sewing for myself. I like your embroidery. Very pretty. Your quilt is great for a baby.

  2. Nice job on the blouse and congrats on finishing up the baby quilt, Lyndsey!!

  3. Well done with clothes sewing again, something I did all the time until all the kids left home & then the quilting took over. I have a top I want to make before our winter ends so best think about it soon. Your youngsters are way younger than mine (sigh). The stitchery blocks are coming along nicely. Take care & hugs.