Monday 10 January 2022

Slowly getting my sewing mojo back

So far this year I've done very little sewing even though I have a lot of projects I could be working on. Unfortunately my older brother has been ill and in hospital since December 18th. He is slowly getting healthier so I can now feel settled enough to start on the sewing. I have managed to finish the penguin embroidery and I've made a start on the tortoises. I will show you these little stitcheries later in the week. In order to get myself into a good sewing mood I decided to look back at what I finished last year to give myself some positive vibes. I thought I had only finished a couple of quilts and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I had been quite productive.

I finished my oldest UFO, my millennium sampler. This still has to be framed but I hope to get that done this month. Covid got in the way of getting it done earlier.

I created several baby quilts. This was for one of my students new baby, Umar.

This one was gifted to a colleague of my older daughter.

I love the stars and stripes of this little quilt

I used up quite a lot of 2.5 inch squares on this 16 patch quilt but my scrap boxes are still full.

This is a favourite pattern of mine using charms squares or in this case squares cut from fat quarters. I can't find the finish photo.

This one used the Mr Rabbit's garden embroidery as the center block.

I completed the hare quilt which started life to be a baby quilt but I enlarged it as my younger daughter wanted to claim it.

I've completed a Christmas table runner.

and my fall table topper.

In addition I made a bunch of mug rugs, several cushions, two sets of oven gloves and I also completed some dress making. I'm sure I've missed one or two things but I was surprised what I had achieved.

This year I have some baby knitting and sewing to do and I must make some more scrappy quilts as my scrap boxes are over flowing. Having reviewed last year I feel good planning this year's projects. Thank you to all of you who read my blog. I will continue writing about my sewing, visits to galleries and trips to other parts of England. I hope you will enjoy whatever I achieve this year.

Take care



  1. It's often a surprise when we look back through our blogs to see just how much we achieved. You have done very well, and of course you are working as well. I've enjoyed the review of your projects, and look forward to seeing what you will stitch in this New Year. And its been great to follow your walks and adventures too.

  2. Oh my…lovely work. I don’t think I ever saw what you’d done with the bunny garden. Great idea and very effective. You finished a lot in a single year. I do hope your brother continues to feel better.

  3. Well done and I must admit to thinking I'd not done much & also posted what I'd achieved with my quilting, so this year I've already made a start & now have 2 baby quilts to do also. I'm glad you are going to keep blogging & my motivation to blog is slowly returning too. I like your blog sprinkled with your days out as being married to a Yorkshireman, I Love seeing places we know about, but not always visited when over. Hope your brother is recovering well. Take care & hugs.

  4. Thanks for the review of the lovely projects you completed in 2021. Wishing you SEW much quilting and crafting in 2022, Lyndsey!!