Tuesday 2 August 2022

Growing babies.

Back in May our Grandson was born and I posted some photos but I haven't really done any updates since then. We are luck, as my daughter lives about 45 minutes away and so we see them fairly frequently. We took a lot of care to ensure our puppy was calm when grandson first came to visit us and since then every time they come over we take the two babies out for a walk together. Missy is interested in the baby and likes to sniff his feet and give them a cheeky lick if she thinks we aren't looking. Here is the latest photo of Aubrey and his father walking on Petersham Common taken on 1st August.

He will be 10 weeks old tomorrow and growing fast. He is fun to interact with and he is constantly gurgling and smiling. He's very interested in his surrounding and this causes some problems because he won't settle for a sleep during the day if there is too much going on around him. 

Missy has settled in well and is now an integral part of the family. She has boundless energy and always into mischief. Fortunately she is proving fairly easy to train and now, most of the time she does what she's told. She tends to leave a train of toys and 'bits' in her wake. The bits depend on her favourite thing to collect. She has just got over destroying plastic flower pots. I'm not sure what she will decide to collect next.

She has also grown a lot and now weights about 8kg but she still loves to jump into my arms when I get home from work. Hopefully she won't grow too much bigger. Currently she's had a growth spurt and her legs seem too long for her and her feet are huge. After she's been in the garden she drops a trail of grass and leaves but we all happily tidy up after her.

Missy is difficult to photograph as she wants to investigate the camera. As her adult fur develops we are very interested to see if she keeps the straighter fur or develops tight curls. I'm hoping for straighter fur as it's easier to look after. We had Missy neutered a couple of weeks ago as we don't want to breed from her. She behaved very well and didn't lick or nibble the scar and has healed very well. Whilst she recovered we could only take her for short walks but she now can enjoy her long walks once more. With all the walking we're doing I'm starting to lose weight again.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures of the babies. I must remember to have a camera with me when we are out and about, as it's so much easier to get really good photos when you take a lot rather than trying for one perfect picture.

Take care




  1. Both babies are very cute and growing fast. Is Missy a full size poodle or a mixture? Look forward to seeing these 2 growing up. Take care & hugs. BTW....I posted a little poodle on my last blogpost too, though not mine, a good friend's dog.

  2. They are both beautiful babies indeed! I'm sure when your dsr,ing grandson gets more mobile he will enjoy playing and romping with Missy.