Monday 6 March 2023

One Monthly Goal.


Having successfully completed my February goal it's time to make some plans for March. I have several projects I'd like to complete. I want to complete the bag for my cutting boards. Things keep being put on top of them and I don't want them to get damaged. I'd already sewed the panels for the sides and on Saturday I set up the quilt sandwich and started the quilting. I need to finish the quilting, add the handles and add the binding. I haven't taken a photo but here is the one I took of the panels I'd made for the bag. I love the fabric designs which are William Morris.

I also want to complete the birdhouses from last years design by Meg Hawkey from Crabapple Hill Studios for International month of embroidery. I have 9 left to do and these shouldn't take long.

Finally I need to complete the project I'm making for the Green Apples blog hop later this month. My day is 20th March. I have the project all planned out, fabrics picked and just need to get the sewing done. 

I know this link up is about one monthly goal but these three projects are only small and so I'm going to try and complete all three. My main goal for the month will be to complete the cutting mat bag

I'm linking this post with Patty from Elm Street Quilts for her One Monthly Goal link up

Take care



  1. Best of luck meeting your goals for March.

  2. Good luck with this, head down and busy fingers should see this goal met!