Sunday 5 March 2023

Slow stitching projects.

If you read my blog you will know that I always have a lot of projects on the go at once, some quilting, some dress making, some stitching, not forgetting knitting, crocheting and lacemaking. What I work on depends on what time I have available and the mood I'm in. Some projects can be rather fiddly or require great concentration whilst others I can work on whilst watching television. Some projects are large and therefore not easily transported whilst others are small and perfect for taking when we go away for the weekend or a holiday. This year I am in the mood to move some of my long term projects along. With that in mind I finished the Austen Family Album quilt , well nearly finished it as I still have one side of the binding to stitch down. That will be done this evening as my slow stitching. The lovely slow stitching project I was working on for the International month of embroidery has been completed and I really like this little piece. Just over a week ago I had an eye test and found I needed a change of lenses as my eyes had changed a little too much. When I put my new glasses on to stitch the final pieces of this embroidery I was shocked at how wonky some of my stitches were but also impressed I stitched it as well as I did. I'm now enjoying being able to clearly see the pattern I'm stitching and can now see to make the stitches neater. Here is the completed piece. I will frame this later this week as I have already bought the frame I want to use.

The question now is 'what to stitch next'. I have several thing in progress and some new projects I want to start. I started the above piece to see if I could complete it in the time frame and to make myself sit down relax and sew in the evening. Some evenings my brain was still buzzing from work but I've found sitting and stitching by hand is very soothing and stress reducing. When my brain is buzzing the stitching very quickly takes me to my happy place and I forget about the problems until I get to work the next day. 

I have several stitching projects on the go. I started stitching a set of regency figures based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I've completed 6 and so have 6 left to do. This is the one I've been working on.

I don't need these stitcheries completed yet as I have some quilts to finish. Therefore this will have to wait a little to be finished. Next up I have a cross stitch bookmark to finish. 

I lost this little stitchery back in 2021 and I was sure it had been put in a box that was put up into the loft, courtesy of Scamp. Scamp used to liked to put things in boxes. I think he thought he was being helpful! As you can see the threads look rather tangled so this has all the hallmarks of Scamp. I will spend a little time this evening sorting the threads but I don't want to do any cross stitch at the moment. 

I have some new embroidery threads and fabric all ready to make a carpet for the dolls house.

At the moment I'm not quite ready for the carpet so I put this back in the cupboard. So what was left? Last year the stitching for the international month of embroidery was birdhouses. I have finished a lot of these but I have 9 to finish to complete the piece.

These won't take long to finish and are fun to stitch. I want to finish these this week as I have a plan for them. The bird houses look so pretty when they are finished. Again I have been using up left over embroidery floss to complete these stitcheries.

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching I'm also linking with Kate from Life in Pieces for her 15 minutes to stitch link up. I've been spending most evenings doing some hand stitching and if I'm lucky I have at least one day for sewing a week. Saturday was my day and I had fun playing with my machine.

Stitching this week 7/7 days

Stitching in February 25/28 days

Stitching in March 5/5 days

Stitching in 2023 57/64 days

I've just got time to stitch one of those bird houses before bedtime.

Take care



  1. You have some fun projects in the works. Congrats on finishing this year's stitch along. Your version turned out beautifully. Have fun with the birdhouses this week.

  2. Plenty of stitchery projects & you are making me realise I have a few that need either framing or using for the centre of a quilt, putting one together as a quilt that I bought the pattern for & another for my DD that she loved as a young girl that was in a QNM magazine way back. DD turned 50 in December, so must get it together. Look forward to seeing yours all come together. Take care & hugs.

  3. Lots of fun stuff to stitch! Barbara at Cat Patches