Saturday, 20 October 2012

Foto Finish - Orange

Foto Finish

Today I am linking up with Barbara at Cat Patches for her Saturday Foto Finish. The theme this week was orange. I took my photos last weekend whilst walking the dog over Wandsworth Common in South London.

These are the seeds of Iris foetidissima commonly known as Stinking iris as some people find the smell of the crushed leaves rather unpleasant.

We also saw the Rowan berries. The Rowan tree is also known as Witchwood which is quite appropriate as we will soon be celebrating Halloween.

There were also a lot of orange fungi. I can't get my head round the different types of fungi but I do know that  this one is called Fly Agaric. When the tops are new they are much redder. They are very pretty but poisonous.

Finally the tiled floor of a church we visited back in August. The oranges were really bright.  I'm sure I've seen this pattern as a quilt block. 

The theme next week is 'creepy' or 'spooky'. Why not pop over to Cat Patches to see what photos everyone else has posted. Barbara has also posted some photos of beautiful quilts so do check them out.


  1. Oh wonderful oranges! We have a similar orange berried plant here. I wonder if they are the same thing. I think our climate here, in Oregon, is like yours.

  2. What a terrific group of orangey goodness! Thanks for sharing them with us!