Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mini Tote bags

On Saturday Connie at Freemotion by the river wrote about a mini tote bag. She had found the link for the friendship bag tutorial by Rachel at ps i quilt. I am so glad she did. As soon as I saw the little bag she had made I knew I wanted to make one. Unfortunately I had to wait until today to get sewing.

The first one I made is now filled with a very furry bear. To make this one I went through my scraps box. I am very pleased with the result. I shall be making several of these bags for Christmas. They will be perfect to put the Guides presents in. 

For the second one I used some of my Halloween fabrics. Trick or treat isn't that big in the UK and the number of children we have visiting is very variable. Two years ago it was a very busy evening but last year we only had 3. I usually put a bowl with sweets in the hall. Last year because it was quiet, our cat Picasso climbed on the shelf and knocked the bowl off and broke it in an effort to get the chocolate. He loves chocolate and thankfully when he manages to get some it doesn't make him ill.  At least if he knocks this little bag off it won't get broken

Picasso  was a rescue cat from Battersea Dog and Cats Home. We got him when he was probably a year old but they didn't know his exact age. He is now 8 and a delightful cat but he does have some odd habits. Although he always has water available, if there is a glass of water on the table he will knock it over and then drink what's spilt. He also works in partnership with our Yorkshire Terrier Scamp. Picasso climbs on to the table, bookshelf or anywhere else that looks like it might have something exciting on it and he knocks it to the floor so they can both play with it.

Although today was my sewing day I didn't get lots done as every time I started sewing Picasso's paw would try to grab my hand as I guided the fabric through the machine. As it was raining I couldn't put him outdoors. However I did manage to decide on the blocks I will make for the Wicked blog hop and I also stitched four more Dresden plates to the white background fabric. Only another two to do and then I can piece the centre of the quilt together.

I was hoping to have finished this quilt by this weekend but life got in the way again. Never mind it is slowly moving nearer completion.

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  1. Your little mini tote bags are just too cute! That was a fun pattern wasn't it! Picasso is beautiful and obviously didn't want you sewing. Our cats always have fresh waster but the minute we walk into the bathroom they are there.....wanting the faucet in the tub turned on so they can drink :) Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday