Friday, 5 October 2012

Votes for Women quilt.


For the last week I haven't felt well and so very little sewing has got done. I'm not going to be able to have a sewing day this weekend as I have a lot of work to catch up on both for home and work - laundry, cleaning, lesson prep and marking. Therefore I was very pleased that I managed to squeeze in an hour to cut out and sew the first block for my Grandmother's choice quilt. This quilt is being run as a block of the week and is to celebrate the fight for women's right to vote. As soon as I came across this quilt I knew I had to join in. As my grandmother was a member of the Women's Political and social union (the more militant union) I wanted to make this quilt in memory of the fight she was involved in to gain voting rights for women in Britain. My older daughter is a very active supporter of women's rights and so the quilt is being made for her. 

So here is block 1 'Grandmothers choice' Unfortunately the photo is rather blurry and although I have retaken it twice I can't get it any better. I still have to trim the block. I read the tip to make triangles slightly bigger and cut them back to the size when pieced together so I would get sharper points. I must say I have found this tip works well and I am very pleased with the points. I'm using purple, green and white fabric for my quilt as these were the colours of the WPSU.

I am still behind with my blocks as a new block is posted every Saturday and this week will be block 6. I am going to try and make the next two blocks tomorrow and do 2 blocks a week until I catch up. In total there are 49 blocks so the block a week will finish next August.

If you want to find out more about this block of the week please click on the Grandmother's Choice button on the right of this post. It will take you to the site and you will be able to read the historical background and get the patterns for the blocks.

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