Sunday, 28 October 2012

Visit to Winchester

For the last two weeks I have linked up with Barbara at Cat Patches for her Foto Finish. the theme this week was 'creepy' or 'scary' but unfortunately I don't have any photos to match this theme in my archives and nothing came to mind over the week. Therefore I am going with the theme being optional and I will share some photos from my trip to Winchester.

My husband John and I agreed that we needed to make more time for ourselves to go and do things we wanted to do. So on Friday after work we set off on an overnight trip to Winchester. It isn't a great distance away - about 70 miles, so could have been done as a day trip but we wanted to make sure the trip happened. Too often with a day trip something happens in the morning and our plans are forgotten. It also meant we could have a leisurely dinner together and  time to talk.

On Saturday we drove into the city with the intention of visiting the cathedral. 

The Cathedral stands at the heart of Winchester which was once the seat of the Anglo-Saxon and Norman royal power. It stands on the site of an early Christian church from the seventh century and there has been a place of worship here ever since.

The Cathedral is the burial place of author Jane Austin.

The 15th century Great Screen behind the high alter once had painted statues but these were destroyed during the reformation. However the screen was restored and looks magnificent.

One of the chapels had a highly painted ceiling.

For me one of the delights of the Cathedral were the old floor tiles. 

As you can see some areas were better preserved than others. We enjoyed our visit to the Cathedral. It provided a period of calm after a very busy week.

We visited several places over the day and really enjoyed ourselves. We are already planning our next trip. 

My final picture is of the autumn colours. The weather here has gone much colder and the leaves have started to fall in earnest so the beautiful colours will soon be gone for this year.

I hope your weekend has been as enjoyable as mine. Back to the reality of work tomorrow. Why not visit Cat Patches to see everyone's foto finishes. Click on the button on the right of this post or here


  1. Wow. Fantastic, Lyndsey. Back in the 60's there was a song called Winchester Cathedral by somebody...I want to think it was Roger Miller, but for some reason that doesn't sound right. Anyway, it never occurred to me it was an actual place. I love the cathedrals in Europe. Fantastic architecture. Nothing like it anywhere else.

  2. What a lovely cathedral. When I read the title of this entry, I thought: "why would someone go to Winchester...what could possibly be that intereting?" But I'm from New England - we have a town called Winchester in Massachusetts, and it definitely doesn't have a cathedral!