Thursday 17 October 2013

An exhibition, some quilting and planning

Oophs I was going to post on Monday but I got busy sorting out my teaching for Tuesday. Tuesday vanished as I finished off some knitting. Wednesday is a busy day anyway and the evening is taken up with Rainbows Brownies and Guides so here I am on Thursday with the post planned for Monday.

On Saturday John and I visited the Stitching and Knitting Exhibition at Alexandra Palace. This exhibition has been running for a long time and most years I visit it. There are usually new ideas and crafts to discover, lots of fabric and the quilts and other needlecraft on display is well worth looking at. This year was a little different as it was so crowded. There have been several different shows on the UK television networks about needlecraft's so I think this had something to do with it. The crowds made browsing difficult and less enjoyable.

Alexandra Palace was built in 1873 as a public centre for education, entertainment and recreation. Over the year it hosts a range of exhibitions and other events.

This is the front of the venue. In order to get this view I cut off the large halls behind this part. This was taken at lunch time when we needed to cool off. With so many people and the heating running it was rather exhausting.

In front of the building was this London taxi which was beautifully decorated. It was drawing quite a crowd.

That was certainly a large knitting job!

Whilst at the exhibition I attended a workshop to make a gold-work daisy brooch. I thought this might be a craft that the Guides would enjoy having a go at. I haven't quite finished it so I will post a photo at the weekend.

Although there was lots of delicious fabric I only purchased two fat quarters. I haven't made up my mind yet about my next projects so didn't want to buy. I felt very good having been so restrained but next time I hit a fabric store could be a different matter. John had been asked by our son to find something that I would like for my birthday. I was muttering about a larger cutting board and ruler so John picked those up. That will make cutting out so much easier. Overall I enjoyed the day, there was lots to look at and quite a few interesting ideas I want to try in the future.

This week I've been working on the 'Happy Anniversary' quilt, trying to complete all the quilting. I have finished quilting 4 of the 9 blocks and I'm feeling rather pleased with what I've achieved. I'm hoping to have this finished by the end of next week so I will post a photo then.

For now I'm putting the machine away and doing a little hand stitching.

I hope your week has been going well.



  1. What a beautiful looking building. The yarn bombing of the cab looks amazing, no wonder it drew a crowd...that's an impressive lot of knitting/crocheting! Just two fat quarters?? Well done :-)

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! My husband bought me a cutting mat and ruler for my birthday also! LOL

  3. Love the taxi! Impressed by your restraint amongst all that temptation :)