Thursday, 31 October 2013

October round up.

It's time to look at October achievements.. I'm feeling rather pleased with myself this month as I met most of my goals.

Goal 1 Complete the 'Happy Anniversary' quilt and give it to it's new owners.

The quilt top was finished a couple of months ago and I've been working on the quilting. The top is 80 inches square and I must admit I found this tiring to quilt on a home sewing machine but at last it's done.

As I was rushing out of the house last night with the quilt all wrapped up to give to my friend I remembered I hadn't taken a photo. I stabbed myself with the needle when sewing the binding on and bleed on the white so as soon as I finished the binding I put it in the wash and simply forgot I hadn't taken a photo. I was already late but unpacked it and laid it over the settee quickly to take the photo. 

The white in the blocks is quilted with a meander and I have done a tangle of hearts in the centre of each red and grey block.  I have asked my friend to send me a photo once it is on her bed.

Goal 2 Complete the baby quilt. 

I had made two baby quilts using the same fabric. One had 6 blocks and the other 9. I finished the one with 6 blocks and this has gone to its new home. The 9 block one was put on hold so I could complete the 'Happy Anniversary' quilt.

Goal 3 Make my project for the wicked blog hop.

For this hop I made two mug rugs. These are also the only new fabric project I started this month and so is my NewFO challenge piece. Never mind I have a new quilt to start next month.

Goal 4 Complete the block from the 'It's a dogs life' quilt.

Done with time to spare.

Goal 5 Complete the 'Votes for women' quilt top.

I haven't done anything on this goal. I've not even looked at the remaining blocks I have to make or stroked any of the fabric.

So only one goal not completed. Now that is what I call a great month..

Note to self - make sure I always take photos of what I've done. This process need to be added to the time frame for completion of projects.

I'm linking this post with ' A lovely year of finishes' at Sew Bittersweet designs.  Over the year this link up has really made me focus on the big objectives I've wanted to achieve. The little projects are easy to get done but the big ones can so easily become long term UFO's.

(Added Later) I'm also linking with Richard's Link a Finish Friday as it is so great to celebrate a finish.

I hope your October has been successful for completing some of your sewing projects.



  1. Very nice! I love your quilt!

  2. You have had a productive month, although not even stroking the fabric that is a bad show :)

  3. What lovely projects! And I love our Wicked mug rugs! So cute! I'm dropping in through the 2013 NewFO Challenge. Happy stitching!

  4. Such cute favorite of course is the kitty.

  5. All your work is so sweet. I haven't seen the "dogs" yet, so I'm going to enjoy watching that one as you progress.

  6. All of your quilts are wonderful. My favorite is the kitty - very cute! ~Jeanne

  7. Very cute mug rugs! The Happy Anniversary quilt turned out beautifully. Love the colors in your 6 block quilt, very fun!

  8. Such fun Halloween mug rugs, and I really love the anniversary quilt. :)

  9. You had a great month - petting fabric should be a daily 'chore'.