Thursday 5 December 2013

It's December already?

This year seems to have whizzed by and here we are in the run up to Christmas once again. Not that I'm complaining as I do love Christmas but time does seem to be rushing by faster and faster each year. Wouldn't it be great if we could just slow it down and enjoy a more leisurely pace?

Anyway here we are on the 5th December and I need to think about what I would like to get done this month.  I'm going to keep it realistic so that I stand a fighting chance of achieving something and if I do more it will be an added bonus.

My main goal this month is to quilt my granny square Christmas quilt.

I had planned on quilting this by hand but just haven't got round to it so I will try and machine quilt it so it can go on my bed for Christmas day. The quilt sandwich is already done so this is a case of getting on with it.  As far as I know I have no commitments this weekend so can make a start on Saturday. A bit each day should see it finished in time.

My second goal is to try and finish my husband's jumper.  When last I showed it I had knitted this much of the back.

It has grown from this point and the back is almost done. It took some time to get the pattern into my head even though there is only 4 rows to it but now I can remember it the process is much quicker

I have a couple of oven mitts to make for my daughters and I will need a computer cover. It's my birthday on Sunday and my husband and son have bought me a new laptop as this one is getting rather old and keeps having problems. I've been asked if I will do a tutorial for a laptop cover so I will have a go over the next couple of weeks.

It's getting rather late here in London (11.45 p.m.)  and I need to be up at 6 so I'm making this a short post. I received a swap through the post earlier in the week and I have a finish so hopefully I will be writing again tomorrow.

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  1. It does, indeed, seem like every year goes by faster! I like your Granny Square quilt -- it would be lovely if you can it done in time to snuggle under at Christmas.

  2. I love Granny Square quilts, I think it is one of my favorite patterns - and I love the colors you chose!

  3. A Christmas Granny Square quilt, how wonderful is that :) Good luck with your quilting.
    It's my youngest son's birthday on Sunday too, hope you both have a lovely day!

  4. Love your Granny Quilt and colours choice

  5. Your quilt is lovely, I look forward to see it on your bed!

  6. Love the quilt. Good luck on getting it on the bed Christmas day!
    Happy Birthday! My GDs b'day is Saturday.

  7. Beautiful quilt and I love the granny quilt pattern too! Lots of knitting and fun things going on!! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  8. Lovely quilt and love that yarn you choose for the jumper. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  9. Your Granny Square Christmas quilt is beautiful. Good luck with all your December quilting plans.