Tuesday 24 December 2013

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas

Here in London it is Christmas Eve and I’m almost ready for Christmas. The food is all organised (except I need to get some parsnips), presents almost all wrapped and I just need a couple of little bits for the stocking. Older daughter is away with her boyfriend visiting his parents and son and younger daughter are still at work but will be home later today.

Once I’ve finished the last few bits Scamp needs a walk. Yesterday the weather was very windy and wet but we should manage to get out this afternoon. We have a friend coming for dinner this evening and then the next two days will be family time. Christmas day will include a trip to church and a walk for Scamp but otherwise we will pull up the invisible drawbridge and enjoy our time together. I’m hoping to be able to combine family time with a little hand stitching and knitting but the sewing machine has gone away until after the holiday.

I wish you all have a very Happy and peaceful Christmas.

Love and hugs



  1. Knitting time -- check!
    Family time -- husband only -- check!
    Redding the poor -- check!
    Time with friends -- check!
    Rest -- on Boxing Day -- check!
    All in all, our first Christmas without DD has been okay!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.