Tuesday 22 April 2014

49 blocks finally finished

I've had such a great day today as I've finally finished all 49 of the Votes for Women blocks. This was a block of the week that was run by Barbara Brackman at Grandmother's Choice from August 2012 until July 2013. Each block was accompanied by some of the history of the long haul to achieve votes for women. I'm making the quilt for Kathryn my older daughter and had hoped to have finished it completely so I could give it to her on her birthday. Oophs I'm a bit late as that was 13th April but hopefully I can complete it by the end of May. My job for tomorrow (once I've done some marking and a little housework) is to trim the blocks and cut the sashing. I'm not back at work until next Monday so I should be able to have the top finished and ready for quilting.

In fact the whole Easter weekend has been really good. Lucy my younger daughter was home on Friday 18th as it was her birthday and Lucy Richard John and I enjoyed a family meal on Easter Sunday. Unfortunately Kathryn was working. I'm hoping we'll be able to see her soon.

On the 13th April John and I went for a walk with our friend Tony. I promised I'd post some photos but haven't done so yet. The walk was a circular walk which took us around the picturesque village of Shere.

At the start of the walk was the Catholic Apostolic Church which was established by Henry Drummond the then owner of Albury Park. The church is no longer in use.

We entered Albury Park and I was delighted to see lambs frolicking in the field.

A little further on was the lovely  old church of St Peter and St Paul. I didn't take a photo of the outside but the stained glass window was beautiful. Part of the church is from Saxon times.

On through the park and into the woods where there were several old gnarly Chestnut trees

We walked along by the Tilling Bourne stream. The water was really clear.

We saw several species of wild flowers

Several of the gardens in Shere had aubretia cascading down the garden walls. I love it but it doesn't do that well in our garden.

We were also lucky enough to see a common lizard. I've added a red arrow as he really is rather small.

The views were beautiful.

We came across this plaque commemorating Montgomery's address to Canadian troops before the D Day landings.  It is amazing what you come across when out walking.

As you can see from the photos the weather was warm and sunny. It's a good job we got out and enjoyed the sun whilst it was shining as rain is forecast for the next few days.

We were out walking again on Saturday but I haven't uploaded the photos yet. If it stops raining tomorrow I'll try and get out to take a photo of Jenny's birthday quilt. I've just got a small length of the binding to finish hand stitching.

I hope you all enjoyed a happy Easter and were able to spend time with your family. I found the Easter services particularly joyful this year.


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  1. Have been absent a couple of months from reading my favorite blogs and what a delightful surprise to come back to such an interesting and beautiful photo filled post. But I must admit I'm still looking for the lizard.