Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Running a quilting course

For the last few weeks I have spent my Tuesday mornings with two lovely ladies, Liz and Sue. They came to the beginners quilting course I ran last year and were back for more. We concentrated on making blocks with triangles in them and being as accurate as possible in the cutting and sewing. Liz had some fabulous fabric that she had got from the Victoria and Albert museum where she is doing a course. She was making her quilt for her mother and hoped to have it completed for Mothering Sunday which was the Sunday just gone. Sue was making her quilt for her grandson. The final results were fabulous.

Sue had opted for a solid colour backing but decided to cut out car shapes from her left over fabric and applique onto the back

This was a new technique for her  and it worked very well. The quilt top is so bright and cheerful for a young boy. I love the car fabrics she chose.

Liz's fabrics were also bold and colourful with delightful designs on them. The fabrics had a mixture of pattern sizes with some big bold florals and also small geometric shapes. 

The class was a delight to teach and we had some wonderful conversations on a wide range of topics. Liz and Sue didn't complete their quilts although they had both finished the tops. Both Liz and Sue achieved a great level of accuracy with the triangles and were looking forward to completing their quilts.

Whilst they were sewing their quilts I also had some time to do some sewing and I worked on the quilt  being made for Lucy's friend. I didn't manage to complete it in March but there isn't much left to do. The border was added at our last class and most of the quilting is done. Just a little quilting to finish off and the binding to add.

This was the quick photo I sent to Lucy to check that she liked the border fabric before I bought it. It was her friend Jennifer's birthday this weekend and she took the quilt to show her. I will finish it this week and then we can get it in the post to her.

Today I ran a quilt taster session and the three ladies made cushion covers. The morning was great fun and all the ladies finished their project. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos. This afternoon I cut out pieces for the blocks of my latest project and tried to catch up with reading some blogs. I'm hoping to have more time this month for writing posts and for sewing. I'm also going to have another try at fitting in at least 15 minutes of sewing or knitting a day. It only lasted about two weeks last time but you never know, it may be different this time around.

Picasso has been helping me to sort out things. Whilst I sorted through a mountain of paperwork he decided he'd better check my machine cover as you never knew what might have invaded. He does so love to get into boxes and bags.

I'm enjoying the lovely warm spring weather we are having here in London. I hope it's going to continue even if the sun does show up all the dust and makes me realise I need to clean the windows. I hope the weather is good where you are.



  1. As soon as I open a bag or box, my cats are immediately in it!

  2. Love your cat, i have a black cat called Harry Creek, actually he owns me.

  3. They sound like great classes you have there, didn't your ladies do well! I love the car applique.

  4. Lovely projects Lyndsey and what a cute cat! I'm still in the UK but we're in Wales at the moment.