Monday 28 April 2014

Catching up with red work

Today I remembered that I started stitching one of the blocks for the 'It's a dogs life' quilt. It started this morning when I decided to make an inventory of all the projects I've got in progress at the moment. I got as far as 19 projects before I got into a panic about being able to finish them all. Being English I took the only possible course of action... I made a cup of tea to calm and soothe my nerves. Mmmm most relaxing so I decided another cup was in order and I'd better catch up with reading some of my favourite blogs.  For fun I started browsing through some old posts on Barbara's blog Cat Patches and what should I come across but her post about her 'Love me love my cat' quilt. That set me thinking about my dog quilt and where had I put it. Lots of searching (and finding even more projects) later I found the ziplock bag with it in. I'd started the third block ages ago, it may even have been the end of last year. I'm not sure why I stopped work on it,  maybe I put it in the cupboard and it just got lost with things being put on top of it. Anyway there wasn't too much to do on it. I just had to finish a bit on the third dog, all of the 4th dog and three of the words. So this afternoon I sat and finished it up.

I then set up the 4th block. I'm using sticky Fabri-Solvy to transfer the image onto my fabric. It works well. You copy or print the image onto the sheet using the draft setting. You then peel the release sheet of and line up the image on your fabric. Once you're happy it's in the right place you finger press it onto the fabric and it's all ready for stitching. The next block is about working dogs.

Having finished sorting that out I decided to do a little more on the baby blanket I started yesterday. It is growing quite fast and is a very straight forward pattern to follow. Here's how far I've got. I usually like to use bamboo needles as they are lighter but the yarn is very soft and light so at the moment the weight isn't putting any strain on my wrists. This type of pattern is perfect because once you know the pattern you can knit whilst watching TV.

So that was my Sunday stitching. I hope you had a peaceful day. I'm linking this post up with Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's Quilts.



  1. Lovely stitching today! Those dog stitcheries are just adorable!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I too seem to soothe frayed nerves with a cup of tea even though I am "from the other side of the pond". Perhaps it comes from my mother...her family came from England and she also drank tea every day. You dog quilt is going to be sooo cute! And you are going to have that baby blanket knitted before you know it.

  3. Had to laugh as I start and finish most things with a cup of tea.Love the dog stitching,and the knitting.x